Reluctant Treasure Hunters

Time is Running Out
getting off planet before it's too late

The crew head towards the planet, scanning for the tracking signal of the three Hutts. They computer finds them, and they set down in an opening in the forest. They send their droids out to scan the area, and the three Hutts quickly appear from between the trees.

Turns out the Hutts are running from a horde of photon spiders. The Trio of Hutts run (slither?) right the crew and their ship in panic. They crew yelling to the Hutts in vain. Then everyone hears a roar, and see a large claw reach out from the trees and grab a handful of spiders. While the Hutts pause in disbelief, the crew is able to convince them to board Dodge. They quickly head into orbit, and make the hyperspace jump home.

When they arrive at the Nal Hutta spaceport, Arden Lyn ans Saizal (with a new cybernetic arm) are waiting for them with a squad or stormtroopers.

Smooth Criminal

The group decides that Klugg is their best bet for their plan to succeed, so they set to track him down. They eventually find information that he is in one of his own hideouts in the sewer systems below the city. They find him there, and convince him to go along with their plan once they assure him of his safety.

They slice into the Hutts police data base and alter the bounty info on Klugg so that the hunter that finds him, will also be the ones to take him to the banishment destination.

After reporting that they have him and turning him in, they are given instructions to head to Varl, the previous Hutt home world, where Gorra’s friends (and anyone else who the Hutt ruling council despises enough) have also been banished.

They arrive to Varl, and find it surrounded by debris and asteroids, and guarded by a Hutt warship. They are hailed by Captain Ulal, and told to prepare for inspection. Dodge is tractor beaned into the hold, and a security droid verifies Klugg’s identity by scanning the tracker in his arm. After that is confirmed, they are given permission to deposit the prisoner, return for a quick scan, and leave. If there is any deviation from the plan, if they take too long, or if anything seems out of place, their ship will be obliterated.

Prison Blues
Back into yet another prison . . .

As the group is making their escape from the soiree, they are confronted by Zorcha. He smiles greedily (as all Hutts seem to do) and says: So, you were ‘invited’ to this party were you? Let’s skip ahead to the part where you do what I ask, or I turn you in. You clearly don’t like the Hutt Council, that’s great. Topple them, and I will rise up the ranks even faster. So I am going to help you do that, but I need you to fetch some of my old acquaintances. Getting them back will require two things: You’ll need the location of the planet they’ve been banished to, I’ll provide that. You’ll also need their tracking information so you can find them quickly once you are there. To get that, you’ll need to visit the prison they were last in, and somehow convince them to give it to you.

And with that, our crew has to find a way in and out of another prison. The crew decides they will go in as Xylas’ news crew and interview Klugg, and inmate they learned of that is scheduled to be executed. Shara charms her way past the guards, and during the ‘interview’ with Klugg, Sal feigns sickness to cause a distraction. An’d sneaks off to download the information they need, and Xylas sneaks Klugg a lock breaker. They finish their interview and are almost out the gate when they hear the alarms start. They overhear one of the guards say that several prisoners are tying to escape. They help quell the escaping prisoners (if only to make sure they get away safely) and head back to base.

The next day Gorra appears with the coordinates to the mysterious planet and ask if they did their part. They say they were successful, but they need his help with the next part of their plan. They want to disguise themselves as the transport ship that will bring another prisoner to the planet, but they need to find somebody that the Hutts hate enough to banish. Gorra smiles and says that the only one he can think that the Hutts in charge dislike enough to banish is a Hutt that recently escaped from prison, named Klugg.

Party Up

Rako explains that there is a party tomorrow night, and he needs them to sneak in and do what they do best, wreak havoc. They have some false credentials for maintenance, and party invites.

As the group gets ready to leave to head towards the party they see Gorra and overhear him talking about how he is attending a super exclusive party. When the group mentions that they are also going to the party, he rolls his eyes and complains that apparently the party isn’t so exclusive after all.
The gang takes some time to plan, then heads to the hi-rise the party is taking place. They decide that An’d, Crash and Sal will go to the party and Showtime and Shara will pose as maintenance crew. As soon as they arrive 2 nobles look down on them complaining about who the Hutts invite, and the trash the Imperials allow inside.

The team ignores them for now, and gets to work spreading lies & rumors about the Hutts.
Before heading down to the basement Shara swaps the labels on several food dishes. When then get there, Showtime cranks up the AC. Then they Back up the plumbing and vent the smell to the party ballroom.
Back at the party, people are getting a little sick from eating food not meant for their species, and the Hutts are complaining about the cold. And moving around the food. Crash starts a heated argument by sneakily throwing her drink glass at one of the rude nobles.
Meanwhile, in the basement; the girls turn up the heat,and work to steal security footage for future use.
Back at the party, more beings are getting sick, and the smell is making that worse, and the heat is making the smell worse. Sal takes this moment to push things over the edge and throws his drink glass at an Imperial office, which causes a fight to break out.
They take this as the queue to leave, but when they get to their speeder truck, Gorra is waiting there for them.

One Piece at a Time
Helping a bad guy steal from badder guys, for good!

Stormtrooper X tells them what he wants to happen. “Since you messed up my last hiding place, you’re going to help me gather the funds to disappear again. Your going to help me steal something from an Imperial base. In return, I won’t detonate the bomb I’ve installed on your ship”. Xylas signals his droid and it immediately starts scanning the ship. The droid messages him that it has indeed found a device attached to the freighter’s engines. With that knowledge, they decide to help X.
He leads them to a hidden base, but when they arrive several Star Destroyers are there. One of them hails them and explains the situation: Somehow some rebel soldiers have taken the base, and are threatening to self destruct the entire facility, if they move their destroyers in any closer. This leaves them in a bad position, because they don’t want to lose the information or the equipment at the facility. They ask the crew to step in and assist, since they are a humanitarian ship, and help de-escalate the situation. If they can help, the Empire will reward them.
The crew looks over at X, and he simply shrugs and says “Our deal still stands, help me, save your ship.” So they agree to help the Imperials, and head towards the facility.

They talk their way into being allowed to land, but can only enter unarmed. They convince the rebels that they are on their side, and come up with a plan that works for everyone. They will hide the rebel soldiers, and their stolen tech in Dodge, alert the Imperials that the base is safe, and sneak past them. But when they go to load the Imperial tech, all but one case is gone. They realize that X has taken it while they were talking, and is currently leaving in the rebels shuttle. Xylas calls the Imperials and tell them they re-took the base, but some rebels are fleeing on the shuttle. The Empire thanks them, pays them, tell them they will take it from here, and ask them to keep this silent.

Before the team gets a chance to rest Rako contacts them with an assignment.

The Great Deceit

The Space Hoarders wakes up to a new day, and a town full of Hunters preparing to go after their targets.

The group decides to get the hunters organized. While An’d is successful in convincing them to work as a team to assault Hondo’s base, the hunters also decide to not let anyone leave the planet until all three targets are found.
Later the crew follows behind as all the bounty hunters mount up in their various speeders and head over to storm Hondo’s compound.
The team of assorted bounty hunters breaks through the gates and our crew slides in after them to start searching for Elsy. With some fancy flying by Sal, and a bit of good luck, they track her down as she is trying to escape, and make their own escape from the fray.

After talking to Elsy they learn that she doesn’t want to defect, it’s just all bad timing. She says she will give them key they are looking for if they will give her her enough money to disappear . . . again. The hoarders agree, but now they have to figure out how to get off of Tattooine.
The spaceports are still blocked because of course none of the targets were actually at Hondo’s. Showtime heads to upload information on where the bounties really are, but before they do that they see that Storm Trooper X was already been caught at Hondo’s base. So they upload the the real info on the other two Targets and wait. after a good rest they learn the mutate is caught, and the Wookie fled, so everyone is free to leave the planet. The Hoarders go back to their ship and head off planet. While deciding what to do next a shadowy figure comes out of the cargo hold. As he steps into the light, they see he is wearing a Stormtrooper helmet with a red X painted on it.

You've Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two

Based on Rako’s intel, the team heads to Tatooine to find Elsy. They figure the best place to start looking is Mos Eisley. Curtain Call convinces an upstanding bar patron to tell her where she is, and they learn she is under the protection of the Weequay Pirate, Hondo Ohnaka.

As the hoarders decide what they are going to do next they leave the Cantina and crash realizes something is amiss as they’ve been pickpocketed for a large amount of their credits. Silas looks around and is able to spot three Chadra Fan all running in different directions. Lee chases one and catches him, but he turns out to be a decoy. Showtime chases another but it gets away. Silas chases one and is able to have ESPE track it to a speeder headed back towards the Spaceport. The Hoarders load up into their speeder truck and race there recklessly, causing Crash to, well crash the speeder, but they do get there in time to catch the little thieves. They get all of their stuff back and a little bit of extra info as an apology. (The Location of three high-value Bounties in the area.)

The group decides to head over to Hondo to see what kind of deal they can make for Elsy. The negotiations don’t go well as they realize Elsy has paid a hefty sum to keep herself safe from people like, well from people like the Hoarders. As they’re leaving they come up with a new plan; they take the info they have on the bounty targets they got from the pickpockets, modify it so that it looks like they are all hiding with Honda and publish it on the holo-net for everyone to see.
The next morning they wake up to find that scores of bounty hunters are in the area with more on the way.

Why are people always shooting at us?

The Space Hoarders leave Corellia, but as soon as they get into orbit, they find they are surrounded. An Imperial cruiser blocks their path, an Alliance cruiser is approaching quickly, escorted by four x-wings, and it looks like a group of pirate star fighters followed them from the planet. The Imperials hail them to say that they are suspected of having some counterfeit material and tell them to prepare to be boarded. The pirates hail them and say that if they can’t have that painting then nobody can. The Hoarders request Imperial protection from the pirates, and they agree by sending a squad of TIE fighters to intercept the pirates.
The Rebellion cruiser approaches and contacts them on a secure channel. They apologize, and say their orders are to destroy the painting at all cost. After a pretty tense battle the space hoarders escape into hyperspace at the first opportunity they get.

When they arrive back to Nar Shadda, they contact Rako to see if he can shed any light on the situation. After looking into it, he tells them that the painting hides an Alliance encryption code, and one of the few people that knows the key, recently defected. So now there are several people and factions scrambling to get the painting and that person, an Arcona former Rebel intelligence officer named Elsy Stansny, together.

The Space Hoarders decide to give the painting to Xira so as not to anger Zorcha, who is already pretty angry at them, and to try and find and nuetralize Elsy to help keep the Rebellion safe.

'Art is Hard'

Sazail is standing in the Lobby waiting for the group with squads of Stormtroopers and some dangerous looking Imperial guards. He starts monologuing . .Telling them that he likes them, actually he doesn’t but he says that he does respect them. Unfortunately the Empire does not like loose ends, he apologizes, and tell the troopers not to underestimate the Space Hoarders. He then reveals a small handheld device and activates it. Suddenly several of the crew are literally shocked to find they are being stunned internally*. The four elite guards use this distraction to pounce, activating shock whips and heading straight for the crew. The space orders somehow are still too much for them though, even with a few reinforcements called it. After subduing most of the elite guards, Showtime is able to coerce the last of the Storm Troopers into letting them leave. They go to regroup and rest, before An’d gets a call from an old acquaintance.

An’d gets a call from her mysterious contact, a shady looking Twi’lek named Xira. He says that he has a very important job for her, that fits in perfectly within her skill set. There is a painting of Gorgonzola the Hutt that is going up for auction, she needs to buy and bring back to Nar Shadda. She will have access to his bosses funds, but it is imperative that they get the painting into his hands. They fly to Correllia and attend the auction, and the bidding¬†quickly escalates including large bids from an Imperial commander Named Jasgar Yeadd.¬†They get the painting in the end, but find out that Zorcha the Hutt is the one bankrolling them. (Yes that Zorcha)

As they leave the art auction to head back to their ship they are stopped by a group of ruffians that try to explain that there’s no way they’re going to be allowed to leave with this painting alive and they should just to do themselves a favor and let the thugs take it off their hands. The Hoarders decline their offer and then rush to the spaceship.

As soon as they get into orbit an Imperial Gozanti cruiser blocks their path, a group of pirate Freighters starts heading their way and an alliance Cruiser escorted by four x-wings also heads their way.

*They would learn later that Sazaill placed this device in the people he helped heal in the past. Leaving them to believe he isn’t the nice,upstanding citizen they thought he was. They have since gotten the devices removed.

The Humans Are Dead
Another droid showdown

As the Space Hoarders head back to base, they round the corner to see the Droid Master, standing in the middle of the street waiting for them. He starts monolouging about how ever since they wronged him he has been indentured to Zorcha the Hutt. Luckily for him it turns out that Zorcha hates them too.

His talking is then downed out in the panic caused by an incoming missile from a large droid behind them. Crash is able to (mostly) avoid it. Showtime and Curtain Call start firing on the droid master, but he is protected by two more large droids with shield generators. Shara notices that he is controlling the droids with his voice box, an fires at it. Then Sal fires two shots at the voicebox destroying it, causing the droids to go haywire. They finish off the droid master for good, and escape back to base in the chaos that the droids are causing.

The receive an urgent mission from Rako: A rebel ship crashed on the planet Ida in a nearby system. They crew hasn’t reported in, but it is important that the rebellion gets the data from the ship.
When they arrive at the crash site, there is a large temple where the ship should be, and they learn that it has somehow been incorporated into a local religion.
Xylas and An’d bribe their way in and recover the data, then leave the planet and head home to Nar Shadda.

The land the ship at the spaceport and head out for coffee, but when they arrive to the restaurant level, they see Sazail standing there with a squad of stormtroopers.


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