Reluctant Treasure Hunters

"Art Is Hard"

Separating Artifacts from Forgeries

An’d, Artemis, Showtime and Content Not Found: gunther (who was hired for extra muscle) take off on a side job from the museum An’d works for. They are hired to intercept some goods going to an exclusive auction house, and verify their worth. The seller isn’t letting anyone else look or inspect the items before the auction, so this has to be done quickly and in secret. The museum will pay An’d for every item of value she can tell them to bid on when they get to auction.

Artemis is able to open many of the high security crates, but many of the items turn out to be fakes. They are attacked by pirates in transit, but successfully murder them all defend the ship. Their pilot drops them off at a junkyard in a seedy part of Corellia, and they are ambushed by some local punks, that they easily fight off.
Then they call the rest of the crew and ask them to meet them there and regroup.



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