Reluctant Treasure Hunters

'Been Caught Stealing'

now with more stealing, more death, more heroics!

After rescuing Amara, and regrouping at the ship, the crew decides on what their next move should be. That question is answered for them when they receive a transmission from Rako. The secretive Mon Calamari tell then that there is an Imperial TIE fighter factory in Hutt space. If the group can destroy it, that will definitely strain Hutt/Empire relations. He also mentions that there is something more immediate thatt may require theeir attention, and says they have an incoming message from Corbin. Corbin says that select Imperial officials will be meeting with the Hutt council tomorrow (mostly just rubbing elbows and accepting bribes), anything the crew can do to disrupt that meeting will help their goals. They head back to Nal hutta, and drop off Amara to oversee the final preparation on the shipping company, since she will be ‘running’ the business there. Then then try to figure out their plan of action.
They learn that the credit the hutts are giving the official will be transfered by armored speeder. They decide not to steal it, but to just take some of the credits so that it looks like the Hutts shorted the empire some of the credits.

The are able to execute the plan with just a few hiccups, and also pocket the credits they skimmed.

Before they have time to rest, they get a message from Captain Dolph telling them it is time to repay their debt to the Empire. He simply needs them to deliver a shipment. When they arrive on the star destroyer Severance, Dolph is waiting for them, and has 4 large crates for them. he tells them that there is unrest on an undisclosed planet, and these supplies will help. They Space Hoarders load up the cargo, and head out. They arrive without incident and land at an Imperial garrison where the security gate is surrounded by an angry mob. The loading crew at the base immediately unload and open the crates to reveal four large combat droids.

The droids are activated and immediately start indiscriminately slaughtering the crowd. The crew feels guilty and know this is partially their fault (not just the delivery, but these droids were probably invented by Sovir, the Geonosian they turned in to the Empire), but realizes there is nothing they can do at this point, and leave the town to it’s fate.

They return to Nal Hutta to try and drink the guilt away, but fate has other plans as Corbin calls with another job. He needs them for a job that has to happen tonight, and tells them where to meet him. On the way to meet Corbin they see a Chadra Fan being attacked by 4 Weequay. They help him, and in return, he gives them a book that has information he has been collecting on the Zann Consortium.



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