Reluctant Treasure Hunters

"County Jail Blues"

Stopped by the police . . . again

As the crew flees the burning spaceport in their speeder truck, they are stopped by the Ord Mantell police.

The police tell them they are under arrest for taking the spaceport hostage, arson causing damage to the spaceport, and killing several hostages. When the group explains that they aren’t with the gang that took over the spaceport, the police tell them in that case, they are under arrest for sneaking past the police blockade, carrying illegal weapons and explosives and driving around in a stolen speeder truck.
The crew gets Ears to corroborate the story that they actually helped save the spaceport and the police let them go after selling them illegal weapons permits, and taking all the equipment and gear from the Outlanders that the Space Hoarders were carrying.

The crew decide to find out what happened to Madge and the Knowledge Hunter so they head to Bricks village to see if they can find him. Brick explains that Madge is impossible to find, and that the Knowledge Hunter is in a hanger that was hidden under her old home. Brick explains that the house was just the entrance to a hanger hidden in the cliff side. Although now that the Empire knows it is there, they may be watching so she probably won’t come back to it anytime soon.
The Hoarders head to Madge’s and see an Imperial probe droid just hovering around the area. Crash tries to shoot it down and when she fails, the droid sounds an alarm.
As Crash heads downstairs into the hangar, a drop ship lands dropping off troops and TIE fighters arrive scouting the area. As Crash leaves in the Knowledge Hunter, the TIE’s try and fail to follow her. Thee rest of the Space Hoarders take Dodge and they meet at Coruscant. They return the Knowledge Hunter to the museum, and then they decide to see what the next mission from Rako is. They turn on the datapad and there is a message from Rako with their second test. They need to protect a convoy or freighters delivering water to the drought stricken world of Neelgamon.



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