Reluctant Treasure Hunters

Danger Zone

. . . and shovin' into overdrive

The Hoarders prepare for thier assignment: Fly three custom snowspeeders and use the tow cables to steal some cargo from the Hutts. One person will pilot and another will be the gunner. They pair up and head out.

Curtain Call & Showtime, Sal & Crash, and Shara & Xylas. They have a rough time (running into some opposition, and banging into walls) but manage to destroy some cargo, and bring some back. Going through the loot, they find a case of comlinks, 5 Wookie slaves and 10 Imperial Officer uniforms. They only have time for a short rest before the recipe a new message from Rako.

Rako. says he’s got a special mission. Somewhere on Nar Shadda there is a secret lab. We need it shut down or destroy it. The agent that knows its location, Dreni, unfortunately happens to be in an asylum on Ryloth. If we can free her great, but getting the info on the lab takes priority.

Showdown and Shara bluff their way into the institution and try get to the dangerous patient ward where Dreni was put within 24 hours of being admitted. They get the info they need, but figured d out that Dreni wants to remain there. With the info they need in hand, the group heads back to Nar Shadda to prepare for their next mission.



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