Reluctant Treasure Hunters


Drought Relief

Today’s adventure starts with half the crew, Crash, Showtime, An’d and Curtain Call decide to work on the speeder truck for a bit then deal with the drought relief ships on their way Neelgamon.
After two unsuccessful jumps they realize that they have been led into a trap by the Natural Disasters. There are two of the pirates space cruisers waiting for them. The captain of one of the two ships gives his revenge monologue and then starts to attack. The Space Hoarders manage to fend them off with their ion canons long enough to escape.

When they get to Neelgamon they see an Imperial cruiser close to the planet, shortly after, two tanker ships arrive with their water delivery.

The cruiser immediately goes to intercept one of the tanker ships and starts firing. The crew helps the other tanker land safely then heads over to distract the Imperials long enough for the other tanker ship to land although badly damaged and with most of its cargo lost in space.
They turn on their encrypted datapad to call Rako to let them know that the mission was mostly successful. He thanks them and gives them their last test mission: the rebels have stolen and Imperial code, but to make the code last as long as possible they need to convince the Empire that somebody defected. It’s up to the Space Hoarders to acquire a high-ranking Imperial officer for the ruse to work.



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