Reluctant Treasure Hunters

East Bound and Down

Getting the 'business' started.

The Space Hoarders leave Toydaria and head to Nar Shadda. They land at the spaceport and head up to see what building Corbin left them. They find it in the spaceport, and it is a run down building that used to be the freight company Fed-Ups. They get a message from Corbin warning them that a Hutt named Gorra will hit them up for ‘rent’, but that they just need to find his friend Amara to smooth things over with him. As they look over their new building/business Gorra does indeed pay them a visit. He leaves them with a warning to have his money next time they meet. They decide to worry about Gorra later, and find a contractor to get their business up and running. They pay a large amount of credits, but are assured that their business will be up and running in a month.
They then decide to ask around and find Amara. after a line a questioning that leads them from the food court, to a visit to EC-H0 in a nightclub, to a coffee shop back in the spaceport, and ends with a Black Sun thug. They learn that Black Sun is trying to infiltrate Hutt space, and that Amara has been taken to Mustafar to be questioned and deleted. So they pace Hoarders head to Mustafar before it’s too late.

They arrive to the scorching hot planet, and find the bunker where the thug told them Amara would be. After fighting some guards and generally making a mess of things, they escape back to the ship with Amara.



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