Reluctant Treasure Hunters

Gimme the Loot

making a withdrawal. (legit this time)

The adventure starts with the Space Hoarders waking up a bit hung over after celebrating their victory with the mining crew. Before they leave, they convince the foreman to let them film a ‘human interest piece’ on the life of the miners. (And get plenty of footage to show that the Empire abandoned them in their hour of need)

They then decide to continue on their task to somehow disrupt Imperial/Hutt relations. They head to Toydaria to see what secrets Corbin’s safe deposit box key holds for them, and end up at the People’s Bank of Toydor.
The bank guard says ‘no guns’, so An’d and Shara head in, while the rest of the crew wait outside. Just like always, trouble seems to find the crew. They quickly realize that the bank is being robbed, as giant droids enter the bank destroying the walls. As the pair flee the vault, they recognize the droid master they fought on Coruscant, (and he most definitely recognizes them) as he tells his droid to attack them.

Outside, things are even worse, as two getaway speeders pull up, and another massive droid appears. Things then happen quickly. Sal goes in to grab Shara and An’d, Showtime decides to fire first, and ask questions later, and Curtain Call follows suit and shoots anything that moves. Xylas liberates one of the getaway speeders (with some loot the droids would have stolen), and they quickly leave the area to get back to Dodge at the spaceport.

They calm down and discuss whether they are going to return the stolen goods to try and gain favor with the Hutts, but when learn that the droid master was captured, and the Hutts think they have the men responsible, they decide to keep their spoils.



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