Reluctant Treasure Hunters

'Have You Forgotten?'

taking the fight to the Empire

The space hoarders decide to head to the Sluis Van shipyards, figuring they can find a high ranking Imperial officer there that they can abduct. They convince the staff that they are there for a blood drive to help the war efforts or some other such nonsense. They dock, and Hugh starts to take blood from the poor volunteers in line until they get to a captain and general. They sedate them close the ‘blood drive’ leave, hoping that this doesn’t come back to haunt them later.

They contact Rako to let them know the job is done. he gives them coordinates to a drop point. They make the hyperspace jump and when they get there they see nothing but a escape pod. They bring in the escape pod, and put in the two officers after taking their uniforms. Inside the pod they see credits, and a large box. There is a note on the box with a special assignment; There is a high ranking moff they need deleted. He is a tactical genius and the only chance they have will be when he travels between systems. They follow the coordinates, and when they get there, they see the the ship he is traveling on is a medical frigate. (the ship is full of nothing but medical personnel and wounded soldiers) They hesitate, but decide this is for the greater good. They finish the job, but not before switching their transponder back to Dodge. After a quick escape, the Space Hoarders
decide to jump to the Wheel to resupply and law low for a while.



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