Reluctant Treasure Hunters


searching for a droid that can hide anywhere

The crew exits hyperspace at Coruscant and immediately receive a call from Calista asking if they found her droid yet. They lie and mention that they have it, and will be there soon. She tells them that is good, because her boss got impatient and hired a bounty hunter to track it down.
The group lands on Coruscant and starts tracking the HDN- droid with the information they got from Jalek. The tracking device leads them to a busy train station. When they get there
the closest they can pinpoint HDN-1’s hiding place is in a cargo warehouse. As soon as they are able to trap the droid in a crane, a mysterious man shows up with a massive crab droid, attempting to take HDN-1. While they fight him off a second giant crab droid breaks through the warehouse wall and also attempts to collect the cloak droid.

Meanwhile an unknown Trandoshan enters the warehouse and also starts
attacking. Saizail frees HDN-1 and convinces it they it should help them, since they are here to help it. They two do escape to the speeder truck and bring it back to pick up everyone else. They escape after Curtain Call mortally wounds one the bounty hunters, but he still manages to give chase. Showtime uses her heavy repeating blaster to convince him not to pursue.

The crew then catches their breath, and heads to the lower levels of Coruscant to sell some, technically illegal merchandise.



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