Reluctant Treasure Hunters

"Let the Bodies Hit the Floor"

Our adventure starts as the Space Hoarders get a message from Ears with a map of the spaceport, and her assessment of the situation. Suddenly the police officer that was blocking their path tells them they have clearance, but to proceed with caution. Ears’ message says that The Outlanders have indeed taken over the spaceport, and groups of them are roving the facility. If the Space Hoarders can get to the upper levels that are normally off limits, and take back traffic control, that will cripple the gangs hold on the spaceport. Security will take it from there.
The crew sneaks into an employee entrance while Crash and Hugh wait with the speeder in case they need quick exit or medical attention.

They immediately see a group of gang members and notice that they have hostage. They manage to stun them all, then pull the old dress as the enemy trick to bluff their way into the traffic control room. When they get there the ruse is over and they end up fighting two rather large leading members of the gang. During the battle that unfolds they realize the gang members are equipped with explosive belts. When the gang members realize they’re losing the battle they call to the rest of their team to exit, doing as much damage as possible on the way out. Suddenly explosions could be heard from all around the spaceport, the crew decides to grab the hostages that they can find and call Crash for pickup.



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