Reluctant Treasure Hunters

"No Good Deed Goes Unpunished"

Fighting Spaceport Crime

As the crew boards their ship the Knowledge Hunter to leave Kuat Drive yards with their bust (with key #2 hidden inside) they notice their temporary passenger Content Not Found: acantha, left behind a camera and a note asking to take it to a contact on the planet Dantooine.

First the team heads back to Ord Mantell to see Madge. As they leave the spaceport they get stopped by some thugs in the spaceport asking for ‘donations’, but the thugs are easily scared away. Pana Vermond, the head of the spaceport ask the team for help ridding his spaceport of the thugs as they are becoming a problem. If they can take care of the thug problem, he will reward them. He then sends them to his communications department to get more info. His communications officer ‘Ears’ tell them she had some of the thugs followed to a warehouse, so the team decides to start searching there.

Our crew heads to the warehouse, and as soon as they are spotted they are fired upon. After a quick firefight where they murder some thugs, they capture Iella by Soziall stunning her right before she escapes. They load her, (and some of the cargo crates from the warehouse, because hey, she won’t need them anymore) into one of the the gangs speeder trucks. They take her back to the paceport and bring her to security to claim their reward. Pana seems very upset, he takes the captured girl, and leaves without another word (and no payment).

Dejected but undeterred, the team heads back to Madge’s place gets the location of the next key. After tea and scones, Madge tells them Content Not Found: eskol, a Wookie mercenary on Corellia has it ( It’s in a necklace he has).

Before heading to Corellia, the team stops at Dantooine to deliver Content Not Found: acantha_ camera. They end up finding _Content Not Found: ral-dather, a rebel agent, who says that the camera hid plans for a secret Imperial research base, and ask the crew to destroy it, loot it, or otherwise neutralize whatever threat they find there.



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