Reluctant Treasure Hunters

One Piece at a Time

Helping a bad guy steal from badder guys, for good!

Stormtrooper X tells them what he wants to happen. “Since you messed up my last hiding place, you’re going to help me gather the funds to disappear again. Your going to help me steal something from an Imperial base. In return, I won’t detonate the bomb I’ve installed on your ship”. Xylas signals his droid and it immediately starts scanning the ship. The droid messages him that it has indeed found a device attached to the freighter’s engines. With that knowledge, they decide to help X.
He leads them to a hidden base, but when they arrive several Star Destroyers are there. One of them hails them and explains the situation: Somehow some rebel soldiers have taken the base, and are threatening to self destruct the entire facility, if they move their destroyers in any closer. This leaves them in a bad position, because they don’t want to lose the information or the equipment at the facility. They ask the crew to step in and assist, since they are a humanitarian ship, and help de-escalate the situation. If they can help, the Empire will reward them.
The crew looks over at X, and he simply shrugs and says “Our deal still stands, help me, save your ship.” So they agree to help the Imperials, and head towards the facility.

They talk their way into being allowed to land, but can only enter unarmed. They convince the rebels that they are on their side, and come up with a plan that works for everyone. They will hide the rebel soldiers, and their stolen tech in Dodge, alert the Imperials that the base is safe, and sneak past them. But when they go to load the Imperial tech, all but one case is gone. They realize that X has taken it while they were talking, and is currently leaving in the rebels shuttle. Xylas calls the Imperials and tell them they re-took the base, but some rebels are fleeing on the shuttle. The Empire thanks them, pays them, tell them they will take it from here, and ask them to keep this silent.

Before the team gets a chance to rest Rako contacts them with an assignment.



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