Reluctant Treasure Hunters

Party Up

Rako explains that there is a party tomorrow night, and he needs them to sneak in and do what they do best, wreak havoc. They have some false credentials for maintenance, and party invites.

As the group gets ready to leave to head towards the party they see Gorra and overhear him talking about how he is attending a super exclusive party. When the group mentions that they are also going to the party, he rolls his eyes and complains that apparently the party isn’t so exclusive after all.
The gang takes some time to plan, then heads to the hi-rise the party is taking place. They decide that An’d, Crash and Sal will go to the party and Showtime and Shara will pose as maintenance crew. As soon as they arrive 2 nobles look down on them complaining about who the Hutts invite, and the trash the Imperials allow inside.

The team ignores them for now, and gets to work spreading lies & rumors about the Hutts.
Before heading down to the basement Shara swaps the labels on several food dishes. When then get there, Showtime cranks up the AC. Then they Back up the plumbing and vent the smell to the party ballroom.
Back at the party, people are getting a little sick from eating food not meant for their species, and the Hutts are complaining about the cold. And moving around the food. Crash starts a heated argument by sneakily throwing her drink glass at one of the rude nobles.
Meanwhile, in the basement; the girls turn up the heat,and work to steal security footage for future use.
Back at the party, more beings are getting sick, and the smell is making that worse, and the heat is making the smell worse. Sal takes this moment to push things over the edge and throws his drink glass at an Imperial office, which causes a fight to break out.
They take this as the queue to leave, but when they get to their speeder truck, Gorra is waiting there for them.



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