Reluctant Treasure Hunters

Prison Blues

Back into yet another prison . . .

As the group is making their escape from the soiree, they are confronted by Zorcha. He smiles greedily (as all Hutts seem to do) and says: So, you were ‘invited’ to this party were you? Let’s skip ahead to the part where you do what I ask, or I turn you in. You clearly don’t like the Hutt Council, that’s great. Topple them, and I will rise up the ranks even faster. So I am going to help you do that, but I need you to fetch some of my old acquaintances. Getting them back will require two things: You’ll need the location of the planet they’ve been banished to, I’ll provide that. You’ll also need their tracking information so you can find them quickly once you are there. To get that, you’ll need to visit the prison they were last in, and somehow convince them to give it to you.

And with that, our crew has to find a way in and out of another prison. The crew decides they will go in as Xylas’ news crew and interview Klugg, and inmate they learned of that is scheduled to be executed. Shara charms her way past the guards, and during the ‘interview’ with Klugg, Sal feigns sickness to cause a distraction. An’d sneaks off to download the information they need, and Xylas sneaks Klugg a lock breaker. They finish their interview and are almost out the gate when they hear the alarms start. They overhear one of the guards say that several prisoners are tying to escape. They help quell the escaping prisoners (if only to make sure they get away safely) and head back to base.

The next day Gorra appears with the coordinates to the mysterious planet and ask if they did their part. They say they were successful, but they need his help with the next part of their plan. They want to disguise themselves as the transport ship that will bring another prisoner to the planet, but they need to find somebody that the Hutts hate enough to banish. Gorra smiles and says that the only one he can think that the Hutts in charge dislike enough to banish is a Hutt that recently escaped from prison, named Klugg.



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