Reluctant Treasure Hunters

Robot Parade

into the Geonosian catacombs

Sovir talks to Sammuck and translates for the crew since Sammuck doesn’t speak basic. Sovir tells Sammuck that the crew wants a ‘gem’ they know he has. Sammuck knows of the gem and says it’s in his old workshop on Geonisis.
Saziall tells the group that may be a problem. Last anyone has heard Geonosis was raided by the empire, and is most likely under imperial blockade. in addition, the Geonosians lived in underground maze-like catacombs. Sammuck assures them that his workshop was, and still is, very well hidden.

They get to Geonosis and bluff their way past a lone Star Destroyer in orbit around the planet. Once they land, they enter the Geonosian catacombs. Sammuck leads them to a hidden area, under Sovir’s watchful eye.

They find many old battle droids from the clone wars, and Sammuck activates some of them in an attempt to escape. The crew fights the droids and tries to subdue Sammuck while Artemis tries to shut some of droids down. They Shut down some of the droids, destroy the others and then raid Sammuck’s workshop. They pack everything not nailed down into their ship, and hide Sovir in the husk of a super battle droid. They get the gem/key and leave, but are stopped by the Star Destroyer who ask to search the ship to make sure they don’t have anything they shouldn’t.

Admiral Dolph Corandel has his troops search the ship. He says there’s two problems, all the war droids they have are illegal, and they broke a Geonosian out of prison on Dathomir. He says that he is a reasonable man though, and will leave them with one droid to keep as a ‘security droid’, and some of the broken droid parts if they each pay the 150 credit ’export fee. He will take Sammuck back to prison, after he shows him where these previously undiscovered droids came from. Last they will have to do a job in service to the Empire in exchange for clearing their record. The crew agrees (not like they have a choice) and head back to Ord Mantell.



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