Reluctant Treasure Hunters

Smooth Criminal

The group decides that Klugg is their best bet for their plan to succeed, so they set to track him down. They eventually find information that he is in one of his own hideouts in the sewer systems below the city. They find him there, and convince him to go along with their plan once they assure him of his safety.

They slice into the Hutts police data base and alter the bounty info on Klugg so that the hunter that finds him, will also be the ones to take him to the banishment destination.

After reporting that they have him and turning him in, they are given instructions to head to Varl, the previous Hutt home world, where Gorra’s friends (and anyone else who the Hutt ruling council despises enough) have also been banished.

They arrive to Varl, and find it surrounded by debris and asteroids, and guarded by a Hutt warship. They are hailed by Captain Ulal, and told to prepare for inspection. Dodge is tractor beaned into the hold, and a security droid verifies Klugg’s identity by scanning the tracker in his arm. After that is confirmed, they are given permission to deposit the prisoner, return for a quick scan, and leave. If there is any deviation from the plan, if they take too long, or if anything seems out of place, their ship will be obliterated.



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