Reluctant Treasure Hunters

“What’s New, Pussycat?”

The Nexu Hunt

The team heads to the underworld of Coruscant to find Boc Tyr, an infamous Black Sun gangster. They head down to the seedier lower levels of Coruscant and work out a deal to get the statue. Boc would like a baby nexu to train as his personal bodyguard. He offers to trade the statue for a nexu cub.

The crew only knows of a few places to get a cub, but they decide to head straight to the source, the jungles of Cholganna.

As they head back to the spaceport to leave Coruscant, they notice heavy Imperial activity. When they board their ship they see why, they find a stowaway aboard. The woman hands Sazaill a small blue cube, urges him to “keep this safe” and escapes. She is immediately followed by Stormtroopers, and a hooded woman dressed in all white leading them. The team decides to leave before anything else goes wrong.

The team arrives at Chalgonna without incident, and heads into the forest to search for a baby nexu. After interacting with some wildlife, and fighting off a large mother, they emerge with two cubs in tow.

When they land back on Coruscant to make the trade, the hooded woman is waiting for them with a squad of storm troopers. She ask about the stowaway from earlier. The crew claims they know nothing about her, and agree to have their ship searched (after they hide a few choice items). When the search doesn’t reveal anything they are looking for, the troopers let them go. They head back to the lower levels and make their trade with Content Not Found: boc-tyr(keeping the second cu for themselves). They get the statue, and have to destroy it to get the 4th key.

As they return to Ord Mantell, Ears contacts them and ask if they have any info to trade. They mention that a certain member of Black Sun has a new nexu for a bodyguard. Ears then ask if they heard anything about a bank robbery while they were on Coruscant. Ears goes on to tell that someone stole something from the Imperial archive there. They aren’t saying what it is, but are doing everything they can to get it back.

At this point, they decide to take a closer look at the cube. They can’t be sure, but they think it’s a Holocron, an ancient data storage device for force users, mentioned when people tell tales of Jedi, or theSith.



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