Reluctant Treasure Hunters

"Eve Of Destruction"

crazy epic deadly space battle . . . finally

As the crew leaves Hapes they are attacked by pirates hiding in the nebula surrounding the system. The Pirate freighter launches two cloakshape fighters and attacks. During the battle a mysterious fighter appears and starts to attack the Knowledge Hunter. The pirates dispatch more cloakshape fighters to take on the new ship, figuring that somebody will have some treasure to make it worthwhile.

The Knowledge Hunter starts to take a beating and the situation looks bleak until Artemis arrives in Dodge with a new ally at the guns. With the added firepower they are able to escape the battle. Just as they are leaving they hear a voice compelling them to return. All can resist except Artemis who slowly starts to return to the battlefield until Shara talks some sense into her.

They decide to return to Corellia so that Showtime and Curtain Call can drop off their bounty. They arrive safely, and House Renliss thanks them and pays them, although at reduced rate. (because of ‘the incident’). They meet Bob again and when he sees the Knowledge hunter he is amazed at how damaged it is. He calls the resident mechanic to take a look at it. The Mechanic Rico stands there stunned with his jaw dropped. Eventually he gets around to telling them it will be 13,000 credits to repair the damage to their ship. To fix Dodge would be cheaper, but still expensive. Showing remarkable thriftyness, they decide to not get either ship fixed. Instead they head to a shady part of town to buy some parts that ‘fell of a speeder truck’ so that they can fix Dodge themselves.

A Twi’lek named Xira appears with two Trandoshan bodyguards, and ask An’d for a delivery for his Boss. She gives him a bust (from session 2) and sends him on his way.

They decide to take both ships to Ord Mantell and leave the Knowledge Hunter with Brick.
When they arrive, they are told there is a long queue and they will have to wait in orbit for a while. Unless they want to buy a front of the line pass. They refuse to pay (they are cheap after all) and wait. While waiting they get a call from Ord Mantell, it’s Ears, and she immediately ask them if they have any good info for her.
They tell her that the princess of Hapes has been found alive, and give her some tips to navigate the nebula surrounding the area.
She tells them that her boss is even more angry with them, because now there are different gangs fighting for control of the planets underworld ever since they got rid of the Natural Disasters. There’s the vicious Outlanders,the gadget equipped Tech Punks, and possibly Black Sun. She also informs them that there is a small chance that some people may possibly think that the crew may be trying to take over the crime on Ord Mantell. Especially now that word is getting out that they robbed a bank on Corellia.

They Finally land and Madge tells the group that the final key is in the ring of an Imperial Scientist named Calista Laa. She doesn’t know her current location though, and she has no contacts in the empire. So the crew is on their own when it comes to finding her.



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