Reluctant Treasure Hunters

'The Fever'

The adventure starts when Shara gets a call from ‘Patches’ (whom she apparently owes a favor to) saying that he needs them to extract his associate from the planet Fondor. There is a snag though, the population of Fondor is currently suffering from a horrible plague of syphiclapolitis. The crew will get onto the planet under the ruse of delivering medicine to the needy locals.
When the crew arrives they are surrounded by locals desperate for medicine before Dodge even hits the ground. The team decides to take the medicine to the local clinic and that’s where they meet their shady passenger. They leave the planet after delivering the medicine and their mysterious contact ask to be
dropped off on Ryloth.

The crew then calls Ears and ask for information on where they can find the scientist Calista Laa. Ears says that if she can find that information, she will happily trade it. The crew tells her that a possible Black Sun contact was working on Fondor and snuck through the quarantine blockade go to Ryloth. Ears mentions that it’s very interesting that they’ve had several run ins with Black Sun, and that it’s suspicious that they happen to have so much information about criminals.
Ears tells them of an odd Imperial Space Station named Excelsior where Calista is working and the crew head to the coordinates to see what they can see.

They get to the space station and end up taking a tour of the facility to note the location of the science lab. When they sneak back to the lab they find Calista arguing with a coworker. Before she can throw them out of her lab, an explosion rocks the station. An Imperial officer appears and accuses the the crew of attacking the station. The crew assures him they are innocent and offer to help in any way they can. The officer says they can start by fixing the breach in the stations hull. As soon as the crew starts working to repair the hole breach, the actual bandits come back to stop the crew from undoing their damage. A fight ensues, much to Showtime and Curtain Call’s delight, and the attackers are fought off.
In the aftermath of the battle Calista ask the crew to return a droid she was working on that seems to have got lost in the chaos.
Minutes later, the man she was arguing with, Jalek ask them sabotage the droid before they return it. He says the droid wants to be free, and not used for battle as Calista is planning. They leave the station, much to the Imperial officers delight, and prepare to start the next adventure . . . .



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