Reluctant Treasure Hunters

Time is Running Out

getting off planet before it's too late

The crew head towards the planet, scanning for the tracking signal of the three Hutts. They computer finds them, and they set down in an opening in the forest. They send their droids out to scan the area, and the three Hutts quickly appear from between the trees.

Turns out the Hutts are running from a horde of photon spiders. The Trio of Hutts run (slither?) right the crew and their ship in panic. They crew yelling to the Hutts in vain. Then everyone hears a roar, and see a large claw reach out from the trees and grab a handful of spiders. While the Hutts pause in disbelief, the crew is able to convince them to board Dodge. They quickly head into orbit, and make the hyperspace jump home.

When they arrive at the Nal Hutta spaceport, Arden Lyn ans Saizal (with a new cybernetic arm) are waiting for them with a squad or stormtroopers.



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