Reluctant Treasure Hunters


finding a sith artifact

On Ord Mantell the group rest and makes some repairs to Dodge. They also get parts to fix The Knowledge Hunter, but when they go to find Maj she’s not there.
They decide to take the keys and get the Sith artifact. An’d tells them of the planet Abraxas where a Sith warrior warrior is buried. She wants to bring any artifacts they can find to her museum. When they arrive they find the planet is surrounded by asteroids, but Crash is able to navigate the asteroid field with Curtain Calls help. They notice signs of life on the planet and as they arrive on the planet surface a woman named Arani warns them the risk of leaving the planet. She tells them that there are turbolasers hidden the asteroids. The guns appear to be programmed to let people land but they destroy any ships that try to leave. Arani also warns them that most people that enter the Sith tomb don’t come back alive either. The space hoarders ignore her warnings head to the mountain tomb anyway.

The crew enters the cave and a statue comes to life and ask if they have the keys. Then it attacks. They enter the keys into 7 holes i the statues chest and a door across the room opens. They head through see a long rope bridge over an underground river. As they cross, a giant wave fills the tunnel but they all managed to hang onto the bridge. Then they enter a tall cylindrical room with one rope ladder in the center. As they climb, jets of water erupt from spouts hidden in the walls. Crash is the first one to the top of the ladder, but there is a locked hatch and the room is quickly filling with water. An’d and Sha’ra pass out and are washed back to shore.

The rest of the crew enters the room to see ornate armor and a sword on a display. They find and disable sensors, grab the artifacts, exit the cave and pick up the rest of the crew. They decide to risk going back to the asteroid field when the Huntress shows up. Dodge heads into the asteroid field and the Huntress follows. Both ships take several hard hits from guns hidden in the asteroids. Shara and An’d destroy as many as they can, but more appear and continue the barrage. The Space Hoarders escape, but the ship is on the brink of destruction and there is no sign of the Huntress.



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