Reluctant Treasure Hunters


Why are people always shooting at us?

The Space Hoarders leave Corellia, but as soon as they get into orbit, they find they are surrounded. An Imperial cruiser blocks their path, an Alliance cruiser is approaching quickly, escorted by four x-wings, and it looks like a group of pirate star fighters followed them from the planet. The Imperials hail them to say that they are suspected of having some counterfeit material and tell them to prepare to be boarded. The pirates hail them and say that if they can’t have that painting then nobody can. The Hoarders request Imperial protection from the pirates, and they agree by sending a squad of TIE fighters to intercept the pirates.
The Rebellion cruiser approaches and contacts them on a secure channel. They apologize, and say their orders are to destroy the painting at all cost. After a pretty tense battle the space hoarders escape into hyperspace at the first opportunity they get.

When they arrive back to Nar Shadda, they contact Rako to see if he can shed any light on the situation. After looking into it, he tells them that the painting hides an Alliance encryption code, and one of the few people that knows the key, recently defected. So now there are several people and factions scrambling to get the painting and that person, an Arcona former Rebel intelligence officer named Elsy Stansny, together.

The Space Hoarders decide to give the painting to Xira so as not to anger Zorcha, who is already pretty angry at them, and to try and find and nuetralize Elsy to help keep the Rebellion safe.



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