Reluctant Treasure Hunters

Weird Science

The adventure begins with the group well rested at FED-UPS preparing for their next mission. They decide to send EPSE to the hidden base location to scope out the area.
The droid sends footage of various beings being shot at with an unrecognizable weapon. They writhe and grasp, looking stunned, but all of them seemed to survive. When EPSE goes in for a closer look, the feed cuts out, and EPSE later returns, with minor damage.

The Hoarders enter under the guise of a clean up crew for hazardous waste (There just happens to av been a major toxic spill in the area). Although they are able to bluff their way in, they get a little greedy when slicing into the computers, and set off an alert. As they try to make their escape, a stormtrooper appears and the Hoarders learn what the weapon does. After being caught in a blast, they all react differently (exceptShowtime, who is able to shake off the effects).Xylas loses his sense of time, Crash loses her sense of balance, and Curtain Call loses her" sense of pressure": They fight through it, and are able to flee the facility (with the weapon) with A’and as their getaway driver/distraction.

As they head back to base to try and sleep off he weapons effects, they see the Skakoan Droid Master standing in the road waiting, apparently for them.



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