Reluctant Treasure Hunters

"You Got To Hide Your Love"

Reuniting, for better or for worse

As the Hypocrite and Dodge pull out of the spaceship graveyard, Curtain Call and Showtime receive a message. House Renliss has a bounty that they want the duo to track down and bring in ALIVE. His name is Rayf Morillo, and although he has plenty of money to stay hidden and safe, he loves swoop races. There is a big race coming up on Corellia that Rayf has never missed. Since they have a contact on Corellia that may know Rayf, they should have an advantage over the other hunters.

They crew all head to Corellia and contact Grinder, while Castor waits on the Hypocrite at the spaceport.. Grinder says he knows what Rayf looks like, but hasn’t seen him. But that if he is wearing a disguise, he can recognize him by the way he races. So Curtain Call, Showtime, Crash, and Shara enter the race to try and snag Rayf once Grinder identifies him. They spot him, and as soon as Rayf realizes they are after him, he and his body guard leave the race, and try to make it to an approaching starship to escape. They speed through the city and ultimately Shara lasso’s Rayf and drags him bag to Dodge where An’d and Sazaill are waiting. Rayf’s ship pursues them and they land at the spaceport to lose them. They move everything onto the Hypocrite, and leave Dodge with a trustworthy spaceport crewman named Bob. They are able to leave the spaceport without being followed by Rayf’s security team, but realize two things, they will need another ship once they drop off Castor, and they have another ship, the Knowledge Hunter is here. They ask Bob where it is, and he looks it up, and tells them it was sent to impound a week ago.

As they head to impound, Kira contacts them and says she would be happy to release their ship from impound again, if they will help her with a favor, again. The crew agrees, gets the Knowledge Hunter and leaves Corellia.

They decide to head to Tatooine to drop Castor, and on the way free the princess from her carbonite sleep. They wake her and she is very sick, and laden with jewelry, including the bracelet they are looking for. After Castor catches her up, she starts to give him his jewelry as his payment for helping her and Leran. Sazaill heals the princess, and the bid farewell to Castor.

They return the princess to the Queen Mother. She rewards them, and ask them to leave while she talks with her daughter. Just as they leave, they see the woman in white entering the queen’s chambers.



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