Reluctant Treasure Hunters

"Hide and Seek"

searching ships and scavengers skirmish

The crew, An’d in Dodge, and everyone else in the Hypocrite, heads to the coordinates provided by Castor’s tracking device. This leads them to a massive starship graveyard.

The crew sees thousands of derelict star ships all around. They notice a scavenger ship, and hail them. The scavengers mention that there is plenty of scrap metal and parts here for everyone, and would appreciate it if they would keep this place a secret.

They follow the tracking device and eventually find Leran’s ship and began searching it for any clues to the princess’ whereabouts. They find that they’ve attracted the attention of the scavengers because they went to Leran’s ship a little too quickly. They eventually find the princess frozen in carbonite.

The crew loads the princess onto the Hypocrite while fighting off the scavengers. The captain of the scavengers offers them a truce, and a pile of credits if the can get Leran’s ship working. Artemis heads over, get’s the ships system’s working, the scavengers transfer the promised credits and then abruptly leave, taking Artemis with them. The team decides to head to Tatooine, but notes their current location of so that they can come back later if necessary.



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