Reluctant Treasure Hunters

You've Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two

Based on Rako’s intel, the team heads to Tatooine to find Elsy. They figure the best place to start looking is Mos Eisley. Curtain Call convinces an upstanding bar patron to tell her where she is, and they learn she is under the protection of the Weequay Pirate, Hondo Ohnaka.

As the hoarders decide what they are going to do next they leave the Cantina and crash realizes something is amiss as they’ve been pickpocketed for a large amount of their credits. Silas looks around and is able to spot three Chadra Fan all running in different directions. Lee chases one and catches him, but he turns out to be a decoy. Showtime chases another but it gets away. Silas chases one and is able to have ESPE track it to a speeder headed back towards the Spaceport. The Hoarders load up into their speeder truck and race there recklessly, causing Crash to, well crash the speeder, but they do get there in time to catch the little thieves. They get all of their stuff back and a little bit of extra info as an apology. (The Location of three high-value Bounties in the area.)

The group decides to head over to Hondo to see what kind of deal they can make for Elsy. The negotiations don’t go well as they realize Elsy has paid a hefty sum to keep herself safe from people like, well from people like the Hoarders. As they’re leaving they come up with a new plan; they take the info they have on the bounty targets they got from the pickpockets, modify it so that it looks like they are all hiding with Honda and publish it on the holo-net for everyone to see.
The next morning they wake up to find that scores of bounty hunters are in the area with more on the way.



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