Reluctant Treasure Hunters

East Bound and Down
Getting the 'business' started.

The Space Hoarders leave Toydaria and head to Nar Shadda. They land at the spaceport and head up to see what building Corbin left them. They find it in the spaceport, and it is a run down building that used to be the freight company Fed-Ups. They get a message from Corbin warning them that a Hutt named Gorra will hit them up for ‘rent’, but that they just need to find his friend Amara to smooth things over with him. As they look over their new building/business Gorra does indeed pay them a visit. He leaves them with a warning to have his money next time they meet. They decide to worry about Gorra later, and find a contractor to get their business up and running. They pay a large amount of credits, but are assured that their business will be up and running in a month.
They then decide to ask around and find Amara. after a line a questioning that leads them from the food court, to a visit to EC-H0 in a nightclub, to a coffee shop back in the spaceport, and ends with a Black Sun thug. They learn that Black Sun is trying to infiltrate Hutt space, and that Amara has been taken to Mustafar to be questioned and deleted. So they pace Hoarders head to Mustafar before it’s too late.

They arrive to the scorching hot planet, and find the bunker where the thug told them Amara would be. After fighting some guards and generally making a mess of things, they escape back to the ship with Amara.

Gimme the Loot
making a withdrawal. (legit this time)

The adventure starts with the Space Hoarders waking up a bit hung over after celebrating their victory with the mining crew. Before they leave, they convince the foreman to let them film a ‘human interest piece’ on the life of the miners. (And get plenty of footage to show that the Empire abandoned them in their hour of need)

They then decide to continue on their task to somehow disrupt Imperial/Hutt relations. They head to Toydaria to see what secrets Corbin’s safe deposit box key holds for them, and end up at the People’s Bank of Toydor.
The bank guard says ‘no guns’, so An’d and Shara head in, while the rest of the crew wait outside. Just like always, trouble seems to find the crew. They quickly realize that the bank is being robbed, as giant droids enter the bank destroying the walls. As the pair flee the vault, they recognize the droid master they fought on Coruscant, (and he most definitely recognizes them) as he tells his droid to attack them.

Outside, things are even worse, as two getaway speeders pull up, and another massive droid appears. Things then happen quickly. Sal goes in to grab Shara and An’d, Showtime decides to fire first, and ask questions later, and Curtain Call follows suit and shoots anything that moves. Xylas liberates one of the getaway speeders (with some loot the droids would have stolen), and they quickly leave the area to get back to Dodge at the spaceport.

They calm down and discuss whether they are going to return the stolen goods to try and gain favor with the Hutts, but when learn that the droid master was captured, and the Hutts think they have the men responsible, they decide to keep their spoils.

"Off The Record"
perfectly positive propaganda!

The Space Hoarders leave Rodia after evading their pursuers, and they immediately get an urgent message from Rako. He says he has a special mission for them, but it needs to be handled immediately. The Empire technically controls the planet Shamash, but some miners have been disappearing there, and there has been no Imperial assistance. He wants the crew to swoop in and save the miners and possibly get some positive PR from the rescue (and negative PR for the Empire). They just have to stop and pick up one person on the way.

The crew stops at a space station to pick up Xylas Sloan. Showtime and Curtain Call are immediately wary, and ask him how good of a shot he is. He quips that his droid does all the shooting. After a bit more confusion they realize that Xylas is a reporter that will be tagging along to document the encounter and then make some propaganda type videos for the Rebellion. With that cleared up, the crew leaves the space station to head for Shamash.

They land on the icy cold planet of Shamash, where they learn that miners have been slowly disappearing without a trace. They bluff their way into the mine and explore around and come across a pack of Zakkeg beast.

A’nd seems to know a lot about these creatures and tells them they are pretty tough to kill, and more importantly, they are not native to this planet. They decide that this isn’t a battle they are going to win, so Xylas plants a tracker on one of them and they run for it. After talking to the head foreman and showing them the tracking information he tells them that the beast appears to be located in a competitor’s mine. He persuades the crew (with credits) to investigate for them, and they head back into the mine tunnels to get to the location of the creatures. When they get there they find several zakkegs in cages, and dozens of captive workers from the mine. The crew frees the workers while Xylas makes sure his camera droid films the whole thing. They take this evidence back to lead foreman, and also send it to the Rebellion, they celebrate with all the miners. (None of whom are minors).

Hunting for the Hunted

The group leaves EC-H0’s bunker and gets some much needed fresh air. Then they decide it would be best to find Corbin as soon as possible, so they head to Toydaria. After hitting a local watering hole they find out that he’s been taken by the Imperials, and people taken by the Empire have a tendency to disappear. The Space Hoarders find the local Imperial garrison and Curtain Call expertly sneaks aboard a shuttle and plants a tracking device (and also borrows some things while she is there). The shuttle soon leaves, and they follow it into hyperspace.
They exit hyperspace space and see the shuttle heading to the planet Rodia. Their tracking device shows that they ship landed and a sports hunting lodge run by a famous ex bounty hunter and her family. After mingling with the other guest for a bit they find out, that the Empire is bringing prisoners that they don’t want found. Then they are offered as ‘elite quarry’ to some of the richer clientele.
The Space Hoarders launch a plan to sneak over to where the prisoners are being held, free Corbin, and discreetly escape through the forest in the night. Of course, things didn’t go exactly as planned, but they did manage to leave with Corbin in the end.

dead bodies everywhere
ok, just one dead body, but isn't one too much?

This adventure begins at the Wheel space station, where the Space Hoarders are shopping and laying low from their murder spree. They take a deal on a case of weapons that seemed too good to be true, and they find out it was when security meets them at their ship asking about a dead body hidden in a crate. Sure enough, it appears that the merchant set them up. They eventually clear things up with security and decide to hunt down the merchant.

They follow his last known coordinates and find a lone freighter, (‘The Fallacy’, a TL-1800 freighter) at the edge of an asterisk field. The merchant hails them and admits that the Empire made him a lucrative offer to lure them away from the Wheel. That’s when the trap springs, and a squadron of TIE fighters attack. The Space Hoarders decide discretion is needed here and flee into hyperspace.

They go to Ord Mantell, and change their ships transponder back over to the Good Ship Lollipop. They call Rako for a job from the rebellion. He tells them that they have a rather large and important mission for them; the rebellion wants the Imperial presence cleared from Hutt space. He adds that the first two things they need to do is contact Corbin Hawks, he will help them establish a base of operations in Hutt space. They also have to find some way to clear their name with the Empire.

They decide to call Ears and see if there is a slicer that can remove their record from the Empires database. She tells them the only one that can do what they need is someone she’s heard of called Echo. They start asking around in bars until they find their way. Turn out EC-HO is an astromech droid in a room filled with exotic plants. They get their name cleared, and some additional questioned answered, but they are assaulted by a smell from plants that slowly wears them down, making them woozy and light-headed. They finish their business with EC-H0 and go outside for some much needed fresh air.

'Have You Forgotten?'
taking the fight to the Empire

The space hoarders decide to head to the Sluis Van shipyards, figuring they can find a high ranking Imperial officer there that they can abduct. They convince the staff that they are there for a blood drive to help the war efforts or some other such nonsense. They dock, and Hugh starts to take blood from the poor volunteers in line until they get to a captain and general. They sedate them close the ‘blood drive’ leave, hoping that this doesn’t come back to haunt them later.

They contact Rako to let them know the job is done. he gives them coordinates to a drop point. They make the hyperspace jump and when they get there they see nothing but a escape pod. They bring in the escape pod, and put in the two officers after taking their uniforms. Inside the pod they see credits, and a large box. There is a note on the box with a special assignment; There is a high ranking moff they need deleted. He is a tactical genius and the only chance they have will be when he travels between systems. They follow the coordinates, and when they get there, they see the the ship he is traveling on is a medical frigate. (the ship is full of nothing but medical personnel and wounded soldiers) They hesitate, but decide this is for the greater good. They finish the job, but not before switching their transponder back to Dodge. After a quick escape, the Space Hoarders
decide to jump to the Wheel to resupply and law low for a while.

Drought Relief

Today’s adventure starts with half the crew, Crash, Showtime, An’d and Curtain Call decide to work on the speeder truck for a bit then deal with the drought relief ships on their way Neelgamon.
After two unsuccessful jumps they realize that they have been led into a trap by the Natural Disasters. There are two of the pirates space cruisers waiting for them. The captain of one of the two ships gives his revenge monologue and then starts to attack. The Space Hoarders manage to fend them off with their ion canons long enough to escape.

When they get to Neelgamon they see an Imperial cruiser close to the planet, shortly after, two tanker ships arrive with their water delivery.

The cruiser immediately goes to intercept one of the tanker ships and starts firing. The crew helps the other tanker land safely then heads over to distract the Imperials long enough for the other tanker ship to land although badly damaged and with most of its cargo lost in space.
They turn on their encrypted datapad to call Rako to let them know that the mission was mostly successful. He thanks them and gives them their last test mission: the rebels have stolen and Imperial code, but to make the code last as long as possible they need to convince the Empire that somebody defected. It’s up to the Space Hoarders to acquire a high-ranking Imperial officer for the ruse to work.

"County Jail Blues"
Stopped by the police . . . again

As the crew flees the burning spaceport in their speeder truck, they are stopped by the Ord Mantell police.

The police tell them they are under arrest for taking the spaceport hostage, arson causing damage to the spaceport, and killing several hostages. When the group explains that they aren’t with the gang that took over the spaceport, the police tell them in that case, they are under arrest for sneaking past the police blockade, carrying illegal weapons and explosives and driving around in a stolen speeder truck.
The crew gets Ears to corroborate the story that they actually helped save the spaceport and the police let them go after selling them illegal weapons permits, and taking all the equipment and gear from the Outlanders that the Space Hoarders were carrying.

The crew decide to find out what happened to Madge and the Knowledge Hunter so they head to Bricks village to see if they can find him. Brick explains that Madge is impossible to find, and that the Knowledge Hunter is in a hanger that was hidden under her old home. Brick explains that the house was just the entrance to a hanger hidden in the cliff side. Although now that the Empire knows it is there, they may be watching so she probably won’t come back to it anytime soon.
The Hoarders head to Madge’s and see an Imperial probe droid just hovering around the area. Crash tries to shoot it down and when she fails, the droid sounds an alarm.
As Crash heads downstairs into the hangar, a drop ship lands dropping off troops and TIE fighters arrive scouting the area. As Crash leaves in the Knowledge Hunter, the TIE’s try and fail to follow her. Thee rest of the Space Hoarders take Dodge and they meet at Coruscant. They return the Knowledge Hunter to the museum, and then they decide to see what the next mission from Rako is. They turn on the datapad and there is a message from Rako with their second test. They need to protect a convoy or freighters delivering water to the drought stricken world of Neelgamon.

"Let the Bodies Hit the Floor"

Our adventure starts as the Space Hoarders get a message from Ears with a map of the spaceport, and her assessment of the situation. Suddenly the police officer that was blocking their path tells them they have clearance, but to proceed with caution. Ears’ message says that The Outlanders have indeed taken over the spaceport, and groups of them are roving the facility. If the Space Hoarders can get to the upper levels that are normally off limits, and take back traffic control, that will cripple the gangs hold on the spaceport. Security will take it from there.
The crew sneaks into an employee entrance while Crash and Hugh wait with the speeder in case they need quick exit or medical attention.

They immediately see a group of gang members and notice that they have hostage. They manage to stun them all, then pull the old dress as the enemy trick to bluff their way into the traffic control room. When they get there the ruse is over and they end up fighting two rather large leading members of the gang. During the battle that unfolds they realize the gang members are equipped with explosive belts. When the gang members realize they’re losing the battle they call to the rest of their team to exit, doing as much damage as possible on the way out. Suddenly explosions could be heard from all around the spaceport, the crew decides to grab the hostages that they can find and call Crash for pickup.

'Eve Of Destruction'
Confronting the woman in white

After leaving Coruscant the group checked the datapad to get the first mission from the Mon Calamari that works for the rebellion. There is a recorded message, it tells them that since the Death Star has been destroyed (Which apparently happened while they were stuck on the planet Abraxas) that now the rebels need to escape from their base on the planet Dantooine. Please go there and pick up as much crew and equipment as you can and meet at the rendezvous point.

When they exit hyperspace near Dantooine they see that the planet is surrounded by Imperial star destroyers. They are immediately hailed, but they are let through to the planet because they have a stolen ship ID of a rescue/humanitarian ship. When they land on Dantooine the datapad plays a recorded message. “Sorry for the ruse, we haven’t had a base on Dantooine for a while now. This was a test and you passed it! Let me know when you’re ready for the next, very real mission.” The crew decides to do some shopping and upgrade their ship while there are there so the trip isn’t a total loss. Then they head to Ord Mantell to ask Madge about the Knowledge Hunter. After they land and get to Madge’s hut, they find the woman in white and Imperial guards waiting for them.

She says her name is Miona, and that as the Hand of the Emperor, she has been sent to kill them. The Space Hoarders manage to defeat her and her guards but as they leave Madge’s place they hear reinforcements coming in. They leave to escape, but before they get back to the spaceport they see Madge’s hut burning in the distance.

When they finally do get to the spaceport the road is blocked because there is some sort of hostage situation stopping all ground air and space traffic. If they want to leave the planet, they will have to wait until the situation is resolved, or use a different spaceport.


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