Reluctant Treasure Hunters

"Take the Money and Run"
Robbing Banks for the Greater Good

The group makes it to Corellia, and picks up Artemis, An’d and Showtime.
They ask Artemis if she can slice the computer locks on the crates they took from the smugglers warehouse on Ord Mantell. They end up with new gear, some legal, some not.

Then the group contacts Eskol, the mercenary with the necklace they are looking for. He mentions that he did have it, but he lost it in a bet to a swoop racer named Sunny. They buy his old swoop from him (figuring it may come in handy), and head to the edge of town to find Sunny and try to get the necklace. She tells them they are in a racing club, if they want the necklace, they will have to race her for it. She offers to put the necklace in the pot of an upcoming race, then they can enter and try to win it.

As they leave the club to rest until the next race, they are confronted by a large squad of Corellian Police. Their Captain, Kira offers them a job in exchange for clearing their names for their prison break out. She wants the crew to test security at a new facility, if they can break into a bank, and get out with an item, and some data, she’ll clear their record. If they get caught, she doesn’t know them, and they go back to jail. If they hurt anyone during the job, they go under the jail. Figuring their options are limited, they take the job.
They complete the ‘heist’ with a less than satisfactory but passing score. Kira pays them with 4 decommissioned police speederbikes, and 7000 credits.

Crash mentions that she has had a ship in impound here since the bar fight and oddly enough, it’s 7000 credits to get her ship out of impound. They get her ship, and prepare for the race.

"Art Is Hard"
Separating Artifacts from Forgeries

An’d, Artemis, Showtime and Content Not Found: gunther (who was hired for extra muscle) take off on a side job from the museum An’d works for. They are hired to intercept some goods going to an exclusive auction house, and verify their worth. The seller isn’t letting anyone else look or inspect the items before the auction, so this has to be done quickly and in secret. The museum will pay An’d for every item of value she can tell them to bid on when they get to auction.

Artemis is able to open many of the high security crates, but many of the items turn out to be fakes. They are attacked by pirates in transit, but successfully murder them all defend the ship. Their pilot drops them off at a junkyard in a seedy part of Corellia, and they are ambushed by some local punks, that they easily fight off.
Then they call the rest of the crew and ask them to meet them there and regroup.

"No Good Deed Goes Unpunished"
Fighting Spaceport Crime

As the crew boards their ship the Knowledge Hunter to leave Kuat Drive yards with their bust (with key #2 hidden inside) they notice their temporary passenger Content Not Found: acantha, left behind a camera and a note asking to take it to a contact on the planet Dantooine.

First the team heads back to Ord Mantell to see Madge. As they leave the spaceport they get stopped by some thugs in the spaceport asking for ‘donations’, but the thugs are easily scared away. Pana Vermond, the head of the spaceport ask the team for help ridding his spaceport of the thugs as they are becoming a problem. If they can take care of the thug problem, he will reward them. He then sends them to his communications department to get more info. His communications officer ‘Ears’ tell them she had some of the thugs followed to a warehouse, so the team decides to start searching there.

Our crew heads to the warehouse, and as soon as they are spotted they are fired upon. After a quick firefight where they murder some thugs, they capture Iella by Soziall stunning her right before she escapes. They load her, (and some of the cargo crates from the warehouse, because hey, she won’t need them anymore) into one of the the gangs speeder trucks. They take her back to the paceport and bring her to security to claim their reward. Pana seems very upset, he takes the captured girl, and leaves without another word (and no payment).

Dejected but undeterred, the team heads back to Madge’s place gets the location of the next key. After tea and scones, Madge tells them Content Not Found: eskol, a Wookie mercenary on Corellia has it ( It’s in a necklace he has).

Before heading to Corellia, the team stops at Dantooine to deliver Content Not Found: acantha_ camera. They end up finding _Content Not Found: ral-dather, a rebel agent, who says that the camera hid plans for a secret Imperial research base, and ask the crew to destroy it, loot it, or otherwise neutralize whatever threat they find there.

"Space Junk"
The Escort Mission

The group heads out to find Madge, the seer. They find her small hut near a cliff in a forest way outside of town. The house is guarded by a Mantellian Savrip. He tells the group that they are expected. (They get excited for a moment until they learn it was nothing magical, Kev called him). Madge tells them that she knows of the key to the treasure, very well actually, because she has one of the keys that they need. She says she can use that key (which looks like a small-disc shaped gem) to divine the location of the next one.

She goes to meditate while her guard makes tea. When she comes back into the room she tells them that the next key is owned by Denor (unbeknownst to him, it’s hidden in a statue) an employee of Kuat Drive Yards. So the crew heads to the Kuat system to see if they can buy it from him.

Kingdoms<br />

When they arrive to the shipyards, Denor tells them that he has been having problems at work lately, his shipments have been getting stolen. He will trade the statue for assistance protecting his next shipment, or ‘delaying’ the shipments of his rival co-workers. They choose to escort one of his freighters from Ryloth.

The group gets to Ryloth where the cargo is being loaded onto a freighter, just in time to see it attacked by pirates. They fight off the pirates, only to find out that their leader Nej, one of Denor’s co-workers, was the one raiding his shipments. They bring her back & turn her in.

While lost in hyperspace due to a bad astrogation plot, the team finds an escape pod with one passenger in it. She (Content Not Found: acantha) tells them her space cruiser was attacked, asks them for a ride back to civilization, and they begrudgingly oblige. When they arrived back at Kuat Drive Yards, an Imperial star destroyer was there. The star destroyer hailed the team, asking if they say anything strange or picked up any passengers. They turn in Acantha, and her escape pod, over to the Imperials without a second thought.

"Jailhouse Rock"
The Adventure Begins


Fate leads several adventurers, scoundrels, ne’er-do-wells and even a few upstanding citizens to the same bar on Corellia. A massive bar fight breaks out, and all the patrons find themselves arrested by CorSec and put in jail. A Twi’lek offers to free any of the prisoners who are willing to help her with a little treasure hunt she is working on. Seven of the recent inmates agree, and then the power suddenly goes out in the prison building. With no regard for the law, they escape the prison, knocking out the guards and stealing one of their guns.

Once on her ship the Knowledge Hunter, An’d explains the job to the recent escapees (the spunky Bothan Shara, stoic Chiss doctor Mos’azail’laguo, the female bounty hunter team Showtime & Curtain Call, impatient Duros slicer Artemis, and the hungover pilot Crash and her droid B4-NG). She wants to get the treasure from an ancient tomb but needs a key to unlock it. Rumor has it a mystic on Ord Mantell know where the key is, but they have to find someone that knows where to find the mystic.

Leaving Corellia the team follows An’d’s only lead to Ord Mantel to talk to a merchant named Kev, who allegedly can help them find the person they are looking for. They land in a spaceport just outside the Capital.

Kev informs them that the seer they are looking for is very secretive, but that he would be willing to help them_ if_ they retrieve a locket from a local thug for him. They begrudgingly help Kev reclaim the locket that was taken (and in the process learn that is was taken from his daughter that was kidnapped and murdered), in exchange for info on where the seer lives.


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