Reluctant Treasure Hunters

Drought Relief

Today’s adventure starts with half the crew, Crash, Showtime, An’d and Curtain Call decide to work on the speeder truck for a bit then deal with the drought relief ships on their way Neelgamon.
After two unsuccessful jumps they realize that they have been led into a trap by the Natural Disasters. There are two of the pirates space cruisers waiting for them. The captain of one of the two ships gives his revenge monologue and then starts to attack. The Space Hoarders manage to fend them off with their ion canons long enough to escape.

When they get to Neelgamon they see an Imperial cruiser close to the planet, shortly after, two tanker ships arrive with their water delivery.

The cruiser immediately goes to intercept one of the tanker ships and starts firing. The crew helps the other tanker land safely then heads over to distract the Imperials long enough for the other tanker ship to land although badly damaged and with most of its cargo lost in space.
They turn on their encrypted datapad to call Rako to let them know that the mission was mostly successful. He thanks them and gives them their last test mission: the rebels have stolen and Imperial code, but to make the code last as long as possible they need to convince the Empire that somebody defected. It’s up to the Space Hoarders to acquire a high-ranking Imperial officer for the ruse to work.

"County Jail Blues"
Stopped by the police . . . again

As the crew flees the burning spaceport in their speeder truck, they are stopped by the Ord Mantell police.

The police tell them they are under arrest for taking the spaceport hostage, arson causing damage to the spaceport, and killing several hostages. When the group explains that they aren’t with the gang that took over the spaceport, the police tell them in that case, they are under arrest for sneaking past the police blockade, carrying illegal weapons and explosives and driving around in a stolen speeder truck.
The crew gets Ears to corroborate the story that they actually helped save the spaceport and the police let them go after selling them illegal weapons permits, and taking all the equipment and gear from the Outlanders that the Space Hoarders were carrying.

The crew decide to find out what happened to Madge and the Knowledge Hunter so they head to Bricks village to see if they can find him. Brick explains that Madge is impossible to find, and that the Knowledge Hunter is in a hanger that was hidden under her old home. Brick explains that the house was just the entrance to a hanger hidden in the cliff side. Although now that the Empire knows it is there, they may be watching so she probably won’t come back to it anytime soon.
The Hoarders head to Madge’s and see an Imperial probe droid just hovering around the area. Crash tries to shoot it down and when she fails, the droid sounds an alarm.
As Crash heads downstairs into the hangar, a drop ship lands dropping off troops and TIE fighters arrive scouting the area. As Crash leaves in the Knowledge Hunter, the TIE’s try and fail to follow her. Thee rest of the Space Hoarders take Dodge and they meet at Coruscant. They return the Knowledge Hunter to the museum, and then they decide to see what the next mission from Rako is. They turn on the datapad and there is a message from Rako with their second test. They need to protect a convoy or freighters delivering water to the drought stricken world of Neelgamon.

"Let the Bodies Hit the Floor"

Our adventure starts as the Space Hoarders get a message from Ears with a map of the spaceport, and her assessment of the situation. Suddenly the police officer that was blocking their path tells them they have clearance, but to proceed with caution. Ears’ message says that The Outlanders have indeed taken over the spaceport, and groups of them are roving the facility. If the Space Hoarders can get to the upper levels that are normally off limits, and take back traffic control, that will cripple the gangs hold on the spaceport. Security will take it from there.
The crew sneaks into an employee entrance while Crash and Hugh wait with the speeder in case they need quick exit or medical attention.

They immediately see a group of gang members and notice that they have hostage. They manage to stun them all, then pull the old dress as the enemy trick to bluff their way into the traffic control room. When they get there the ruse is over and they end up fighting two rather large leading members of the gang. During the battle that unfolds they realize the gang members are equipped with explosive belts. When the gang members realize they’re losing the battle they call to the rest of their team to exit, doing as much damage as possible on the way out. Suddenly explosions could be heard from all around the spaceport, the crew decides to grab the hostages that they can find and call Crash for pickup.

'Eve Of Destruction'
Confronting the woman in white

After leaving Coruscant the group checked the datapad to get the first mission from the Mon Calamari that works for the rebellion. There is a recorded message, it tells them that since the Death Star has been destroyed (Which apparently happened while they were stuck on the planet Abraxas) that now the rebels need to escape from their base on the planet Dantooine. Please go there and pick up as much crew and equipment as you can and meet at the rendezvous point.

When they exit hyperspace near Dantooine they see that the planet is surrounded by Imperial star destroyers. They are immediately hailed, but they are let through to the planet because they have a stolen ship ID of a rescue/humanitarian ship. When they land on Dantooine the datapad plays a recorded message. “Sorry for the ruse, we haven’t had a base on Dantooine for a while now. This was a test and you passed it! Let me know when you’re ready for the next, very real mission.” The crew decides to do some shopping and upgrade their ship while there are there so the trip isn’t a total loss. Then they head to Ord Mantell to ask Madge about the Knowledge Hunter. After they land and get to Madge’s hut, they find the woman in white and Imperial guards waiting for them.

She says her name is Miona, and that as the Hand of the Emperor, she has been sent to kill them. The Space Hoarders manage to defeat her and her guards but as they leave Madge’s place they hear reinforcements coming in. They leave to escape, but before they get back to the spaceport they see Madge’s hut burning in the distance.

When they finally do get to the spaceport the road is blocked because there is some sort of hostage situation stopping all ground air and space traffic. If they want to leave the planet, they will have to wait until the situation is resolved, or use a different spaceport.

“We’ve Only Just Begun“
a new mission begins . .

As the crew arrives to the Coruscant they notice that there is much more traffic in space than normal. When they call for a spot to land, the operator notices the damaged state their ship is in and remarks, "Wow the celebration really is bringing out everyone!* The official spaceports are full, you’ll have to land at a private port away from the capital.
They notice many people celebrating and revelry in the streets. The museum calls and says they couldn’t pass up opening the ancient artifacts exhibit with all the extra people in town and to bring the armor & sword so that they can put it on display now.

Curtain Call decides to wait outside since weapons aren’t allowed. While inside, everyone else has an interesting conversation. An’d’s boss Scoria says that they fixed her ship as payment, and confides that the real reason she runs the museum is to find items like this, and keep them out of the hands of the Empire. She ask An’d to help her with this quest. An’d storms out, upset she didn’t get hard credits for finding the Sith armor.

A Mon Calamari approaches Crash and Showtime at the bar, congratulates them on the find, and tries to recruit them for the rebellion. He gives them a datapad and tells them if the want, their first assignment is there.

A woman in a red jumpsuit and a cloak approaches Shara and Sazail, and introduces herself. She says her name is Arden and that she is very impressed with their find. She wants to recruit them to find similar items for the glory of the Empire.

The Space Hoarders leave the museum and regroup and discuss the offers on the table. They decide that they don’t want to work directly for anyone, as they head back to their ship. When they arrive at the spaceport they see an old Thunderclap spaceship outside and the woman in red ans several stormtroopers waiting for them. She is excited that they are taking her up on her offer. As Shara mentions they have to turn her down, Sazail joins her, and accepts the offer to work with her. She says that the rest of them are to be arrested as traitors to the Empire. They manage to escape and get to Dodge, but an attendant tells them that their ship has been red flagged by the Empire. While he doesn’t care, he tells them that they won’t be able to leave Coruscant in that ship. They decide to steal the ID from another ship that’s nearby. As they prepare to leave, the are stopped by several well armed thugs that say “You will all die today, Zorcha will have his revenge!” As they attempt to fight of the thugs, a Human and a Wookie appear and start shooting at the the thugs also. They win the battle, but Crash nearly loses her arm. They new guys say that they were hired to protect the crew. They get back to their ship, install the false ship ID, and leave Coruscant. They are cleared to leave now that their ship is registered as the medical rescue vehicle ‘Goodship Lollipop’.

*The crew later learns the celebration he is referring to is due to the destruction of Alderaan.

finding a sith artifact

On Ord Mantell the group rest and makes some repairs to Dodge. They also get parts to fix The Knowledge Hunter, but when they go to find Maj she’s not there.
They decide to take the keys and get the Sith artifact. An’d tells them of the planet Abraxas where a Sith warrior warrior is buried. She wants to bring any artifacts they can find to her museum. When they arrive they find the planet is surrounded by asteroids, but Crash is able to navigate the asteroid field with Curtain Calls help. They notice signs of life on the planet and as they arrive on the planet surface a woman named Arani warns them the risk of leaving the planet. She tells them that there are turbolasers hidden the asteroids. The guns appear to be programmed to let people land but they destroy any ships that try to leave. Arani also warns them that most people that enter the Sith tomb don’t come back alive either. The space hoarders ignore her warnings head to the mountain tomb anyway.

The crew enters the cave and a statue comes to life and ask if they have the keys. Then it attacks. They enter the keys into 7 holes i the statues chest and a door across the room opens. They head through see a long rope bridge over an underground river. As they cross, a giant wave fills the tunnel but they all managed to hang onto the bridge. Then they enter a tall cylindrical room with one rope ladder in the center. As they climb, jets of water erupt from spouts hidden in the walls. Crash is the first one to the top of the ladder, but there is a locked hatch and the room is quickly filling with water. An’d and Sha’ra pass out and are washed back to shore.

The rest of the crew enters the room to see ornate armor and a sword on a display. They find and disable sensors, grab the artifacts, exit the cave and pick up the rest of the crew. They decide to risk going back to the asteroid field when the Huntress shows up. Dodge heads into the asteroid field and the Huntress follows. Both ships take several hard hits from guns hidden in the asteroids. Shara and An’d destroy as many as they can, but more appear and continue the barrage. The Space Hoarders escape, but the ship is on the brink of destruction and there is no sign of the Huntress.

"Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonite"
defending against pirates

After securing the Content Not Found: hdn-1 they were searching for, our favorite team of space hoarders head to the lower levels of Coruscant to buy and sell some items of questionable legality.

As they leave, the notice that the street they are on is too quiet. A mysterious man appears with two shadowy figures behind him and says, "You don’t know me, but you won’t be interrupting our operations anymore. He then tells the people behind him, “Deal with them, or you’ll have to deal with me.”. The two people reveal themselves to be Nej and Iella, two pirates they have previously put in jail. Several more thugs appear behind the girls blocking everyone’s escape, and at the other end of the alley, two swoop bikes and more pirates appear to block in the groups speeder truck. Shara convinces Iella that she won’t win this fight, but Nej draws her blasters and starts attacking. The crew fights their way to the speeder truck as Iella fights her way through the pirates. During the battle, Nej appears to go down, and Iella dissapears in the kerfluffle. The crew all make it to the speeder truck, and the swoop bikes give chase, but Showtime quickly dissuades them with her heavy repeating blaster. They escape, but not without taking heavy damage.

The crew heads back to Dodge, then leaves for Excelsior station. They find Calista and decide to accept a lower payment in exchange for her bracelet. They leave for Ord Mantell, where they rest, and make some repairs at the spaceport.

searching for a droid that can hide anywhere

The crew exits hyperspace at Coruscant and immediately receive a call from Calista asking if they found her droid yet. They lie and mention that they have it, and will be there soon. She tells them that is good, because her boss got impatient and hired a bounty hunter to track it down.
The group lands on Coruscant and starts tracking the HDN- droid with the information they got from Jalek. The tracking device leads them to a busy train station. When they get there
the closest they can pinpoint HDN-1’s hiding place is in a cargo warehouse. As soon as they are able to trap the droid in a crane, a mysterious man shows up with a massive crab droid, attempting to take HDN-1. While they fight him off a second giant crab droid breaks through the warehouse wall and also attempts to collect the cloak droid.

Meanwhile an unknown Trandoshan enters the warehouse and also starts
attacking. Saizail frees HDN-1 and convinces it they it should help them, since they are here to help it. They two do escape to the speeder truck and bring it back to pick up everyone else. They escape after Curtain Call mortally wounds one the bounty hunters, but he still manages to give chase. Showtime uses her heavy repeating blaster to convince him not to pursue.

The crew then catches their breath, and heads to the lower levels of Coruscant to sell some, technically illegal merchandise.

"Trust Me I'm a Doctor"

Sazail receives a message asking him to save an Imperial Moff named Montrose Nord that is dying in a hospital on the planet Adari. They get there to find the hospital is surrounded
by protesters that do not want anyone helping the Moff. They enter the hospital and are asked to leave their weapons. Sazail learns that Montrose needs a splanch transplant, but since he is hated across several star systems it’s going to be relatively hard to find one for him. They decide leave the planet to buy replacement splanch elswhere. They return to Adari and their speeder on the way back to the hospital they are attacked, but Showtime deals with the attackers by shooting the missiles out of the sky.

During surgery the hospital protesters turn into attackers. Crash and Showtime protect the ground level, while
Shara and Curtain Call protect the hallway outside the surgery room. They fight on, even when the power goes out. With the surgery complete they escape via the roof. The team then decides to head to Coruscant to find the lost droid.

'The Fever'

The adventure starts when Shara gets a call from ‘Patches’ (whom she apparently owes a favor to) saying that he needs them to extract his associate from the planet Fondor. There is a snag though, the population of Fondor is currently suffering from a horrible plague of syphiclapolitis. The crew will get onto the planet under the ruse of delivering medicine to the needy locals.
When the crew arrives they are surrounded by locals desperate for medicine before Dodge even hits the ground. The team decides to take the medicine to the local clinic and that’s where they meet their shady passenger. They leave the planet after delivering the medicine and their mysterious contact ask to be
dropped off on Ryloth.

The crew then calls Ears and ask for information on where they can find the scientist Calista Laa. Ears says that if she can find that information, she will happily trade it. The crew tells her that a possible Black Sun contact was working on Fondor and snuck through the quarantine blockade go to Ryloth. Ears mentions that it’s very interesting that they’ve had several run ins with Black Sun, and that it’s suspicious that they happen to have so much information about criminals.
Ears tells them of an odd Imperial Space Station named Excelsior where Calista is working and the crew head to the coordinates to see what they can see.

They get to the space station and end up taking a tour of the facility to note the location of the science lab. When they sneak back to the lab they find Calista arguing with a coworker. Before she can throw them out of her lab, an explosion rocks the station. An Imperial officer appears and accuses the the crew of attacking the station. The crew assures him they are innocent and offer to help in any way they can. The officer says they can start by fixing the breach in the stations hull. As soon as the crew starts working to repair the hole breach, the actual bandits come back to stop the crew from undoing their damage. A fight ensues, much to Showtime and Curtain Call’s delight, and the attackers are fought off.
In the aftermath of the battle Calista ask the crew to return a droid she was working on that seems to have got lost in the chaos.
Minutes later, the man she was arguing with, Jalek ask them sabotage the droid before they return it. He says the droid wants to be free, and not used for battle as Calista is planning. They leave the station, much to the Imperial officers delight, and prepare to start the next adventure . . . .


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