Reluctant Treasure Hunters

You've Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two

Based on Rako’s intel, the team heads to Tatooine to find Elsy. They figure the best place to start looking is Mos Eisley. Curtain Call convinces an upstanding bar patron to tell her where she is, and they learn she is under the protection of the Weequay Pirate, Hondo Ohnaka.

As the hoarders decide what they are going to do next they leave the Cantina and crash realizes something is amiss as they’ve been pickpocketed for a large amount of their credits. Silas looks around and is able to spot three Chadra Fan all running in different directions. Lee chases one and catches him, but he turns out to be a decoy. Showtime chases another but it gets away. Silas chases one and is able to have ESPE track it to a speeder headed back towards the Spaceport. The Hoarders load up into their speeder truck and race there recklessly, causing Crash to, well crash the speeder, but they do get there in time to catch the little thieves. They get all of their stuff back and a little bit of extra info as an apology. (The Location of three high-value Bounties in the area.)

The group decides to head over to Hondo to see what kind of deal they can make for Elsy. The negotiations don’t go well as they realize Elsy has paid a hefty sum to keep herself safe from people like, well from people like the Hoarders. As they’re leaving they come up with a new plan; they take the info they have on the bounty targets they got from the pickpockets, modify it so that it looks like they are all hiding with Honda and publish it on the holo-net for everyone to see.
The next morning they wake up to find that scores of bounty hunters are in the area with more on the way.

Why are people always shooting at us?

The Space Hoarders leave Corellia, but as soon as they get into orbit, they find they are surrounded. An Imperial cruiser blocks their path, an Alliance cruiser is approaching quickly, escorted by four x-wings, and it looks like a group of pirate star fighters followed them from the planet. The Imperials hail them to say that they are suspected of having some counterfeit material and tell them to prepare to be boarded. The pirates hail them and say that if they can’t have that painting then nobody can. The Hoarders request Imperial protection from the pirates, and they agree by sending a squad of TIE fighters to intercept the pirates.
The Rebellion cruiser approaches and contacts them on a secure channel. They apologize, and say their orders are to destroy the painting at all cost. After a pretty tense battle the space hoarders escape into hyperspace at the first opportunity they get.

When they arrive back to Nar Shadda, they contact Rako to see if he can shed any light on the situation. After looking into it, he tells them that the painting hides an Alliance encryption code, and one of the few people that knows the key, recently defected. So now there are several people and factions scrambling to get the painting and that person, an Arcona former Rebel intelligence officer named Elsy Stansny, together.

The Space Hoarders decide to give the painting to Xira so as not to anger Zorcha, who is already pretty angry at them, and to try and find and nuetralize Elsy to help keep the Rebellion safe.

'Art is Hard'

Sazail is standing in the Lobby waiting for the group with squads of Stormtroopers and some dangerous looking Imperial guards. He starts monologuing . .Telling them that he likes them, actually he doesn’t but he says that he does respect them. Unfortunately the Empire does not like loose ends, he apologizes, and tell the troopers not to underestimate the Space Hoarders. He then reveals a small handheld device and activates it. Suddenly several of the crew are literally shocked to find they are being stunned internally*. The four elite guards use this distraction to pounce, activating shock whips and heading straight for the crew. The space orders somehow are still too much for them though, even with a few reinforcements called it. After subduing most of the elite guards, Showtime is able to coerce the last of the Storm Troopers into letting them leave. They go to regroup and rest, before An’d gets a call from an old acquaintance.

An’d gets a call from her mysterious contact, a shady looking Twi’lek named Xira. He says that he has a very important job for her, that fits in perfectly within her skill set. There is a painting of Gorgonzola the Hutt that is going up for auction, she needs to buy and bring back to Nar Shadda. She will have access to his bosses funds, but it is imperative that they get the painting into his hands. They fly to Correllia and attend the auction, and the bidding¬†quickly escalates including large bids from an Imperial commander Named Jasgar Yeadd.¬†They get the painting in the end, but find out that Zorcha the Hutt is the one bankrolling them. (Yes that Zorcha)

As they leave the art auction to head back to their ship they are stopped by a group of ruffians that try to explain that there’s no way they’re going to be allowed to leave with this painting alive and they should just to do themselves a favor and let the thugs take it off their hands. The Hoarders decline their offer and then rush to the spaceship.

As soon as they get into orbit an Imperial Gozanti cruiser blocks their path, a group of pirate Freighters starts heading their way and an alliance Cruiser escorted by four x-wings also heads their way.

*They would learn later that Sazaill placed this device in the people he helped heal in the past. Leaving them to believe he isn’t the nice,upstanding citizen they thought he was. They have since gotten the devices removed.

The Humans Are Dead
Another droid showdown

As the Space Hoarders head back to base, they round the corner to see the Droid Master, standing in the middle of the street waiting for them. He starts monolouging about how ever since they wronged him he has been indentured to Zorcha the Hutt. Luckily for him it turns out that Zorcha hates them too.

His talking is then downed out in the panic caused by an incoming missile from a large droid behind them. Crash is able to (mostly) avoid it. Showtime and Curtain Call start firing on the droid master, but he is protected by two more large droids with shield generators. Shara notices that he is controlling the droids with his voice box, an fires at it. Then Sal fires two shots at the voicebox destroying it, causing the droids to go haywire. They finish off the droid master for good, and escape back to base in the chaos that the droids are causing.

The receive an urgent mission from Rako: A rebel ship crashed on the planet Ida in a nearby system. They crew hasn’t reported in, but it is important that the rebellion gets the data from the ship.
When they arrive at the crash site, there is a large temple where the ship should be, and they learn that it has somehow been incorporated into a local religion.
Xylas and An’d bribe their way in and recover the data, then leave the planet and head home to Nar Shadda.

The land the ship at the spaceport and head out for coffee, but when they arrive to the restaurant level, they see Sazail standing there with a squad of stormtroopers.

Weird Science

The adventure begins with the group well rested at FED-UPS preparing for their next mission. They decide to send EPSE to the hidden base location to scope out the area.
The droid sends footage of various beings being shot at with an unrecognizable weapon. They writhe and grasp, looking stunned, but all of them seemed to survive. When EPSE goes in for a closer look, the feed cuts out, and EPSE later returns, with minor damage.

The Hoarders enter under the guise of a clean up crew for hazardous waste (There just happens to av been a major toxic spill in the area). Although they are able to bluff their way in, they get a little greedy when slicing into the computers, and set off an alert. As they try to make their escape, a stormtrooper appears and the Hoarders learn what the weapon does. After being caught in a blast, they all react differently (exceptShowtime, who is able to shake off the effects).Xylas loses his sense of time, Crash loses her sense of balance, and Curtain Call loses her" sense of pressure": They fight through it, and are able to flee the facility (with the weapon) with A’and as their getaway driver/distraction.

As they head back to base to try and sleep off he weapons effects, they see the Skakoan Droid Master standing in the road waiting, apparently for them.

Danger Zone
. . . and shovin' into overdrive

The Hoarders prepare for thier assignment: Fly three custom snowspeeders and use the tow cables to steal some cargo from the Hutts. One person will pilot and another will be the gunner. They pair up and head out.

Curtain Call & Showtime, Sal & Crash, and Shara & Xylas. They have a rough time (running into some opposition, and banging into walls) but manage to destroy some cargo, and bring some back. Going through the loot, they find a case of comlinks, 5 Wookie slaves and 10 Imperial Officer uniforms. They only have time for a short rest before the recipe a new message from Rako.

Rako. says he’s got a special mission. Somewhere on Nar Shadda there is a secret lab. We need it shut down or destroy it. The agent that knows its location, Dreni, unfortunately happens to be in an asylum on Ryloth. If we can free her great, but getting the info on the lab takes priority.

Showdown and Shara bluff their way into the institution and try get to the dangerous patient ward where Dreni was put within 24 hours of being admitted. They get the info they need, but figured d out that Dreni wants to remain there. With the info they need in hand, the group heads back to Nar Shadda to prepare for their next mission.

'Been Caught Stealing'
now with more stealing, more death, more heroics!

After rescuing Amara, and regrouping at the ship, the crew decides on what their next move should be. That question is answered for them when they receive a transmission from Rako. The secretive Mon Calamari tell then that there is an Imperial TIE fighter factory in Hutt space. If the group can destroy it, that will definitely strain Hutt/Empire relations. He also mentions that there is something more immediate thatt may require theeir attention, and says they have an incoming message from Corbin. Corbin says that select Imperial officials will be meeting with the Hutt council tomorrow (mostly just rubbing elbows and accepting bribes), anything the crew can do to disrupt that meeting will help their goals. They head back to Nal hutta, and drop off Amara to oversee the final preparation on the shipping company, since she will be ‘running’ the business there. Then then try to figure out their plan of action.
They learn that the credit the hutts are giving the official will be transfered by armored speeder. They decide not to steal it, but to just take some of the credits so that it looks like the Hutts shorted the empire some of the credits.

The are able to execute the plan with just a few hiccups, and also pocket the credits they skimmed.

Before they have time to rest, they get a message from Captain Dolph telling them it is time to repay their debt to the Empire. He simply needs them to deliver a shipment. When they arrive on the star destroyer Severance, Dolph is waiting for them, and has 4 large crates for them. he tells them that there is unrest on an undisclosed planet, and these supplies will help. They Space Hoarders load up the cargo, and head out. They arrive without incident and land at an Imperial garrison where the security gate is surrounded by an angry mob. The loading crew at the base immediately unload and open the crates to reveal four large combat droids.

The droids are activated and immediately start indiscriminately slaughtering the crowd. The crew feels guilty and know this is partially their fault (not just the delivery, but these droids were probably invented by Sovir, the Geonosian they turned in to the Empire), but realizes there is nothing they can do at this point, and leave the town to it’s fate.

They return to Nal Hutta to try and drink the guilt away, but fate has other plans as Corbin calls with another job. He needs them for a job that has to happen tonight, and tells them where to meet him. On the way to meet Corbin they see a Chadra Fan being attacked by 4 Weequay. They help him, and in return, he gives them a book that has information he has been collecting on the Zann Consortium.

East Bound and Down
Getting the 'business' started.

The Space Hoarders leave Toydaria and head to Nar Shadda. They land at the spaceport and head up to see what building Corbin left them. They find it in the spaceport, and it is a run down building that used to be the freight company Fed-Ups. They get a message from Corbin warning them that a Hutt named Gorra will hit them up for ‘rent’, but that they just need to find his friend Amara to smooth things over with him. As they look over their new building/business Gorra does indeed pay them a visit. He leaves them with a warning to have his money next time they meet. They decide to worry about Gorra later, and find a contractor to get their business up and running. They pay a large amount of credits, but are assured that their business will be up and running in a month.
They then decide to ask around and find Amara. after a line a questioning that leads them from the food court, to a visit to EC-H0 in a nightclub, to a coffee shop back in the spaceport, and ends with a Black Sun thug. They learn that Black Sun is trying to infiltrate Hutt space, and that Amara has been taken to Mustafar to be questioned and deleted. So they pace Hoarders head to Mustafar before it’s too late.

They arrive to the scorching hot planet, and find the bunker where the thug told them Amara would be. After fighting some guards and generally making a mess of things, they escape back to the ship with Amara.

Gimme the Loot
making a withdrawal. (legit this time)

The adventure starts with the Space Hoarders waking up a bit hung over after celebrating their victory with the mining crew. Before they leave, they convince the foreman to let them film a ‘human interest piece’ on the life of the miners. (And get plenty of footage to show that the Empire abandoned them in their hour of need)

They then decide to continue on their task to somehow disrupt Imperial/Hutt relations. They head to Toydaria to see what secrets Corbin’s safe deposit box key holds for them, and end up at the People’s Bank of Toydor.
The bank guard says ‘no guns’, so An’d and Shara head in, while the rest of the crew wait outside. Just like always, trouble seems to find the crew. They quickly realize that the bank is being robbed, as giant droids enter the bank destroying the walls. As the pair flee the vault, they recognize the droid master they fought on Coruscant, (and he most definitely recognizes them) as he tells his droid to attack them.

Outside, things are even worse, as two getaway speeders pull up, and another massive droid appears. Things then happen quickly. Sal goes in to grab Shara and An’d, Showtime decides to fire first, and ask questions later, and Curtain Call follows suit and shoots anything that moves. Xylas liberates one of the getaway speeders (with some loot the droids would have stolen), and they quickly leave the area to get back to Dodge at the spaceport.

They calm down and discuss whether they are going to return the stolen goods to try and gain favor with the Hutts, but when learn that the droid master was captured, and the Hutts think they have the men responsible, they decide to keep their spoils.

"Off The Record"
perfectly positive propaganda!

The Space Hoarders leave Rodia after evading their pursuers, and they immediately get an urgent message from Rako. He says he has a special mission for them, but it needs to be handled immediately. The Empire technically controls the planet Shamash, but some miners have been disappearing there, and there has been no Imperial assistance. He wants the crew to swoop in and save the miners and possibly get some positive PR from the rescue (and negative PR for the Empire). They just have to stop and pick up one person on the way.

The crew stops at a space station to pick up Xylas Sloan. Showtime and Curtain Call are immediately wary, and ask him how good of a shot he is. He quips that his droid does all the shooting. After a bit more confusion they realize that Xylas is a reporter that will be tagging along to document the encounter and then make some propaganda type videos for the Rebellion. With that cleared up, the crew leaves the space station to head for Shamash.

They land on the icy cold planet of Shamash, where they learn that miners have been slowly disappearing without a trace. They bluff their way into the mine and explore around and come across a pack of Zakkeg beast.

A’nd seems to know a lot about these creatures and tells them they are pretty tough to kill, and more importantly, they are not native to this planet. They decide that this isn’t a battle they are going to win, so Xylas plants a tracker on one of them and they run for it. After talking to the head foreman and showing them the tracking information he tells them that the beast appears to be located in a competitor’s mine. He persuades the crew (with credits) to investigate for them, and they head back into the mine tunnels to get to the location of the creatures. When they get there they find several zakkegs in cages, and dozens of captive workers from the mine. The crew frees the workers while Xylas makes sure his camera droid films the whole thing. They take this evidence back to lead foreman, and also send it to the Rebellion, they celebrate with all the miners. (None of whom are minors).


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