Reluctant Treasure Hunters

"Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonite"
defending against pirates

After securing the Content Not Found: hdn-1 they were searching for, our favorite team of space hoarders head to the lower levels of Coruscant to buy and sell some items of questionable legality.

As they leave, the notice that the street they are on is too quiet. A mysterious man appears with two shadowy figures behind him and says, "You don’t know me, but you won’t be interrupting our operations anymore. He then tells the people behind him, “Deal with them, or you’ll have to deal with me.”. The two people reveal themselves to be Nej and Iella, two pirates they have previously put in jail. Several more thugs appear behind the girls blocking everyone’s escape, and at the other end of the alley, two swoop bikes and more pirates appear to block in the groups speeder truck. Shara convinces Iella that she won’t win this fight, but Nej draws her blasters and starts attacking. The crew fights their way to the speeder truck as Iella fights her way through the pirates. During the battle, Nej appears to go down, and Iella dissapears in the kerfluffle. The crew all make it to the speeder truck, and the swoop bikes give chase, but Showtime quickly dissuades them with her heavy repeating blaster. They escape, but not without taking heavy damage.

The crew heads back to Dodge, then leaves for Excelsior station. They find Calista and decide to accept a lower payment in exchange for her bracelet. They leave for Ord Mantell, where they rest, and make some repairs at the spaceport.

searching for a droid that can hide anywhere

The crew exits hyperspace at Coruscant and immediately receive a call from Calista asking if they found her droid yet. They lie and mention that they have it, and will be there soon. She tells them that is good, because her boss got impatient and hired a bounty hunter to track it down.
The group lands on Coruscant and starts tracking the HDN- droid with the information they got from Jalek. The tracking device leads them to a busy train station. When they get there
the closest they can pinpoint HDN-1’s hiding place is in a cargo warehouse. As soon as they are able to trap the droid in a crane, a mysterious man shows up with a massive crab droid, attempting to take HDN-1. While they fight him off a second giant crab droid breaks through the warehouse wall and also attempts to collect the cloak droid.

Meanwhile an unknown Trandoshan enters the warehouse and also starts
attacking. Saizail frees HDN-1 and convinces it they it should help them, since they are here to help it. They two do escape to the speeder truck and bring it back to pick up everyone else. They escape after Curtain Call mortally wounds one the bounty hunters, but he still manages to give chase. Showtime uses her heavy repeating blaster to convince him not to pursue.

The crew then catches their breath, and heads to the lower levels of Coruscant to sell some, technically illegal merchandise.

"Trust Me I'm a Doctor"

Sazail receives a message asking him to save an Imperial Moff named Montrose Nord that is dying in a hospital on the planet Adari. They get there to find the hospital is surrounded
by protesters that do not want anyone helping the Moff. They enter the hospital and are asked to leave their weapons. Sazail learns that Montrose needs a splanch transplant, but since he is hated across several star systems it’s going to be relatively hard to find one for him. They decide leave the planet to buy replacement splanch elswhere. They return to Adari and their speeder on the way back to the hospital they are attacked, but Showtime deals with the attackers by shooting the missiles out of the sky.

During surgery the hospital protesters turn into attackers. Crash and Showtime protect the ground level, while
Shara and Curtain Call protect the hallway outside the surgery room. They fight on, even when the power goes out. With the surgery complete they escape via the roof. The team then decides to head to Coruscant to find the lost droid.

'The Fever'

The adventure starts when Shara gets a call from ‘Patches’ (whom she apparently owes a favor to) saying that he needs them to extract his associate from the planet Fondor. There is a snag though, the population of Fondor is currently suffering from a horrible plague of syphiclapolitis. The crew will get onto the planet under the ruse of delivering medicine to the needy locals.
When the crew arrives they are surrounded by locals desperate for medicine before Dodge even hits the ground. The team decides to take the medicine to the local clinic and that’s where they meet their shady passenger. They leave the planet after delivering the medicine and their mysterious contact ask to be
dropped off on Ryloth.

The crew then calls Ears and ask for information on where they can find the scientist Calista Laa. Ears says that if she can find that information, she will happily trade it. The crew tells her that a possible Black Sun contact was working on Fondor and snuck through the quarantine blockade go to Ryloth. Ears mentions that it’s very interesting that they’ve had several run ins with Black Sun, and that it’s suspicious that they happen to have so much information about criminals.
Ears tells them of an odd Imperial Space Station named Excelsior where Calista is working and the crew head to the coordinates to see what they can see.

They get to the space station and end up taking a tour of the facility to note the location of the science lab. When they sneak back to the lab they find Calista arguing with a coworker. Before she can throw them out of her lab, an explosion rocks the station. An Imperial officer appears and accuses the the crew of attacking the station. The crew assures him they are innocent and offer to help in any way they can. The officer says they can start by fixing the breach in the stations hull. As soon as the crew starts working to repair the hole breach, the actual bandits come back to stop the crew from undoing their damage. A fight ensues, much to Showtime and Curtain Call’s delight, and the attackers are fought off.
In the aftermath of the battle Calista ask the crew to return a droid she was working on that seems to have got lost in the chaos.
Minutes later, the man she was arguing with, Jalek ask them sabotage the droid before they return it. He says the droid wants to be free, and not used for battle as Calista is planning. They leave the station, much to the Imperial officers delight, and prepare to start the next adventure . . . .

Mystery Train
Takin' the train

An odd series of events leads us to an odd adventure. Showtime, Curtain Call, An’d, Artemis, Crash, and Gunther head to Corellia again to pay the favor they owe to Captain Quamar for getting their ship out of impound . . again.
She explains to them that she has an undercover agent that got arrested by the Empire. She needs the crew to break him out so that he can do his job for her, and her hands can stay clean. She explains they will have the best chance if they take their speeder truck, and grab him from the hover train he will be transported by.

They crew packs up and heads out to do the job. They find the train and everyone jumps aboard while Crash and An’d stay on the speeder truck. They have to fight off several storm troopers, and just as they find their target, another speeder approaches the train and blast their way in. An’d talks to the other speeders pilot and finds out that they aren’t after the same thing. (The other team is after an advanced targeting computer.) They all work together to loot the trains cargo hold, and one of the other speeder trucks crew plants and large explosive and tells everyone that ‘It is time to go. NOW

They head back into town, drop off the agent, sell some surplus gear looted from the train, and head back to Dodge to leave the planet. As they leave the planet, Artemis explains to them why they happen to have an Imperial probe droid on the ship. She manages to activate it, and they discover that is was spying on one of the Natural Disaster’s base of operations. Artemis reprograms it to keep going with its programmed mission, but to also copy them on any information that is being sent back to the Empire.

They arrive at Ord Mantell and as usual they are told they have to wait to land, maybe hours. The crew calls Ears and ask if she will trade information for immediate landing clearance. She agrees after they tell her a team of bandits stole a targeting computer from am Imperial transport. She seems very interested and ask them how they know this. They tell her that’s all the information they have for her today.

"Eve Of Destruction"
crazy epic deadly space battle . . . finally

As the crew leaves Hapes they are attacked by pirates hiding in the nebula surrounding the system. The Pirate freighter launches two cloakshape fighters and attacks. During the battle a mysterious fighter appears and starts to attack the Knowledge Hunter. The pirates dispatch more cloakshape fighters to take on the new ship, figuring that somebody will have some treasure to make it worthwhile.

The Knowledge Hunter starts to take a beating and the situation looks bleak until Artemis arrives in Dodge with a new ally at the guns. With the added firepower they are able to escape the battle. Just as they are leaving they hear a voice compelling them to return. All can resist except Artemis who slowly starts to return to the battlefield until Shara talks some sense into her.

They decide to return to Corellia so that Showtime and Curtain Call can drop off their bounty. They arrive safely, and House Renliss thanks them and pays them, although at reduced rate. (because of ‘the incident’). They meet Bob again and when he sees the Knowledge hunter he is amazed at how damaged it is. He calls the resident mechanic to take a look at it. The Mechanic Rico stands there stunned with his jaw dropped. Eventually he gets around to telling them it will be 13,000 credits to repair the damage to their ship. To fix Dodge would be cheaper, but still expensive. Showing remarkable thriftyness, they decide to not get either ship fixed. Instead they head to a shady part of town to buy some parts that ‘fell of a speeder truck’ so that they can fix Dodge themselves.

A Twi’lek named Xira appears with two Trandoshan bodyguards, and ask An’d for a delivery for his Boss. She gives him a bust (from session 2) and sends him on his way.

They decide to take both ships to Ord Mantell and leave the Knowledge Hunter with Brick.
When they arrive, they are told there is a long queue and they will have to wait in orbit for a while. Unless they want to buy a front of the line pass. They refuse to pay (they are cheap after all) and wait. While waiting they get a call from Ord Mantell, it’s Ears, and she immediately ask them if they have any good info for her.
They tell her that the princess of Hapes has been found alive, and give her some tips to navigate the nebula surrounding the area.
She tells them that her boss is even more angry with them, because now there are different gangs fighting for control of the planets underworld ever since they got rid of the Natural Disasters. There’s the vicious Outlanders,the gadget equipped Tech Punks, and possibly Black Sun. She also informs them that there is a small chance that some people may possibly think that the crew may be trying to take over the crime on Ord Mantell. Especially now that word is getting out that they robbed a bank on Corellia.

They Finally land and Madge tells the group that the final key is in the ring of an Imperial Scientist named Calista Laa. She doesn’t know her current location though, and she has no contacts in the empire. So the crew is on their own when it comes to finding her.

"You Got To Hide Your Love"
Reuniting, for better or for worse

As the Hypocrite and Dodge pull out of the spaceship graveyard, Curtain Call and Showtime receive a message. House Renliss has a bounty that they want the duo to track down and bring in ALIVE. His name is Rayf Morillo, and although he has plenty of money to stay hidden and safe, he loves swoop races. There is a big race coming up on Corellia that Rayf has never missed. Since they have a contact on Corellia that may know Rayf, they should have an advantage over the other hunters.

They crew all head to Corellia and contact Grinder, while Castor waits on the Hypocrite at the spaceport.. Grinder says he knows what Rayf looks like, but hasn’t seen him. But that if he is wearing a disguise, he can recognize him by the way he races. So Curtain Call, Showtime, Crash, and Shara enter the race to try and snag Rayf once Grinder identifies him. They spot him, and as soon as Rayf realizes they are after him, he and his body guard leave the race, and try to make it to an approaching starship to escape. They speed through the city and ultimately Shara lasso’s Rayf and drags him bag to Dodge where An’d and Sazaill are waiting. Rayf’s ship pursues them and they land at the spaceport to lose them. They move everything onto the Hypocrite, and leave Dodge with a trustworthy spaceport crewman named Bob. They are able to leave the spaceport without being followed by Rayf’s security team, but realize two things, they will need another ship once they drop off Castor, and they have another ship, the Knowledge Hunter is here. They ask Bob where it is, and he looks it up, and tells them it was sent to impound a week ago.

As they head to impound, Kira contacts them and says she would be happy to release their ship from impound again, if they will help her with a favor, again. The crew agrees, gets the Knowledge Hunter and leaves Corellia.

They decide to head to Tatooine to drop Castor, and on the way free the princess from her carbonite sleep. They wake her and she is very sick, and laden with jewelry, including the bracelet they are looking for. After Castor catches her up, she starts to give him his jewelry as his payment for helping her and Leran. Sazaill heals the princess, and the bid farewell to Castor.

They return the princess to the Queen Mother. She rewards them, and ask them to leave while she talks with her daughter. Just as they leave, they see the woman in white entering the queen’s chambers.

"Hide and Seek"
searching ships and scavengers skirmish

The crew, An’d in Dodge, and everyone else in the Hypocrite, heads to the coordinates provided by Castor’s tracking device. This leads them to a massive starship graveyard.

The crew sees thousands of derelict star ships all around. They notice a scavenger ship, and hail them. The scavengers mention that there is plenty of scrap metal and parts here for everyone, and would appreciate it if they would keep this place a secret.

They follow the tracking device and eventually find Leran’s ship and began searching it for any clues to the princess’ whereabouts. They find that they’ve attracted the attention of the scavengers because they went to Leran’s ship a little too quickly. They eventually find the princess frozen in carbonite.

The crew loads the princess onto the Hypocrite while fighting off the scavengers. The captain of the scavengers offers them a truce, and a pile of credits if the can get Leran’s ship working. Artemis heads over, get’s the ships system’s working, the scavengers transfer the promised credits and then abruptly leave, taking Artemis with them. The team decides to head to Tatooine, but notes their current location of so that they can come back later if necessary.

Escape Route

Details about this adventure are limited right now.

All we know for sure is that Artemis meets Blade on the scavenger ship. Somehow they plan and enact a daring escape. They make it to Corellia, where spaceport attendant/hustler Bob greets them, catches them up on what happened to the rest of their team, and gives them back Dodge. The Nexu is not happy to see Blade for some reason. They head to Hapes (picking up a derelict Imperial probe droid on the way) just in time to help the rest of the team escape from the pirates.

“Everybody Lies a Little”
Finding the lost princess and the truth

The crew arrives at Ord Mantell and learns from Ears that the Empire has found some old Geonosian tech that they are using to start what they are calling the Dark Trooper Project.

They then head to Madge and learn that the next gem is in the bracelet of the princess of Hapes, but can’t seem to pinpoint her location. So the crew heads to Hapes to get more information. They take a tour of the palace and learn from the guide that the princess was kidnapped a long time ago, assumed dead, and no one speaks of it anymore. Artemis and Crash sneak off to try and learn more while the rest of the team finishes the tour. The girls end up sneaking into a meeting room and coming face to face with the queen of Hapes. She’s impressed they made it this far into the palace, and allows them a few minutes to talk to the man that kidnapped her oldest daughter before she throws them out. She also says that if they can return her daughters body to the royal cemetery, she will reward them.

They meet Content Not Found: leran-karrim in his cell, and learn that he and the princess were in love and going to leave to start a life together before he was caught. They ask how they can find the princess now. He says if she’s alive, finding his ship would be their best bet, and the only way to do that would be to head to Tatooine and find a Gran con-man named Castor.

The crew follows this lead and heads to Tatooine. They find Castor and ask about the princess. He says he was helping to get the couple out of the Hapes System and was to be paid when they were free. He was also the back-up plan, Leran’s ship had a tracking device, if anything happened to Leran, Castor was supposed to find the ship and take the princess to safety. He was on his way to do that when his ship was shot down over the swamps of Naboo. If they can get him to his ship, he can find Leran’s ship, get paid, and hopefully the crew can find out what happened to the princess. When the crew gets to their ship, there is a gang of miscreants there. They tell the crew that Castor owes too many people here money to let them leave. Showtime insist that they make an exception. The thugs agree but mention that they want him brought back alive so that he can pay his debts. Content Not Found: sovir likes the warmth of Tatooine and tells the crew that this is where him and them part ways. He does have one story he wishes to tell them though: Everyone who sought him out in prison thought he was Sammuck and wanted weapons or tech information, so he assumed that’s what they wanted too. But there was one other person that asked for the gem. She was a hooded woman in all white. The other prisoners nicknamed her White Shadow. She came in with two men in flight gear, and all the prison staff followed her orders, even the warden. While nobody ever believed that he wasn’t Sammuck, when she asked about the gem and he told her he didn’t know what she was talking about, she just left, no other questions.

They crew decides this would be a good time to tie up Castor and head to Naboo. After fighting off some metal eating bugs, and swamp monsters, they find Castor’s ship, a very beat up and waterlogged YT-1300 named the Hypocrite. Saizall is able to get it flying, and both ships head into space.


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