Reluctant Treasure Hunters

Mystery Train

Takin' the train

An odd series of events leads us to an odd adventure. Showtime, Curtain Call, An’d, Artemis, Crash, and Gunther head to Corellia again to pay the favor they owe to Captain Quamar for getting their ship out of impound . . again.
She explains to them that she has an undercover agent that got arrested by the Empire. She needs the crew to break him out so that he can do his job for her, and her hands can stay clean. She explains they will have the best chance if they take their speeder truck, and grab him from the hover train he will be transported by.

They crew packs up and heads out to do the job. They find the train and everyone jumps aboard while Crash and An’d stay on the speeder truck. They have to fight off several storm troopers, and just as they find their target, another speeder approaches the train and blast their way in. An’d talks to the other speeders pilot and finds out that they aren’t after the same thing. (The other team is after an advanced targeting computer.) They all work together to loot the trains cargo hold, and one of the other speeder trucks crew plants and large explosive and tells everyone that ‘It is time to go. NOW

They head back into town, drop off the agent, sell some surplus gear looted from the train, and head back to Dodge to leave the planet. As they leave the planet, Artemis explains to them why they happen to have an Imperial probe droid on the ship. She manages to activate it, and they discover that is was spying on one of the Natural Disaster’s base of operations. Artemis reprograms it to keep going with its programmed mission, but to also copy them on any information that is being sent back to the Empire.

They arrive at Ord Mantell and as usual they are told they have to wait to land, maybe hours. The crew calls Ears and ask if she will trade information for immediate landing clearance. She agrees after they tell her a team of bandits stole a targeting computer from am Imperial transport. She seems very interested and ask them how they know this. They tell her that’s all the information they have for her today.



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