Reluctant Treasure Hunters

The Humans Are Dead

Another droid showdown

As the Space Hoarders head back to base, they round the corner to see the Droid Master, standing in the middle of the street waiting for them. He starts monolouging about how ever since they wronged him he has been indentured to Zorcha the Hutt. Luckily for him it turns out that Zorcha hates them too.

His talking is then downed out in the panic caused by an incoming missile from a large droid behind them. Crash is able to (mostly) avoid it. Showtime and Curtain Call start firing on the droid master, but he is protected by two more large droids with shield generators. Shara notices that he is controlling the droids with his voice box, an fires at it. Then Sal fires two shots at the voicebox destroying it, causing the droids to go haywire. They finish off the droid master for good, and escape back to base in the chaos that the droids are causing.

The receive an urgent mission from Rako: A rebel ship crashed on the planet Ida in a nearby system. They crew hasn’t reported in, but it is important that the rebellion gets the data from the ship.
When they arrive at the crash site, there is a large temple where the ship should be, and they learn that it has somehow been incorporated into a local religion.
Xylas and An’d bribe their way in and recover the data, then leave the planet and head home to Nar Shadda.

The land the ship at the spaceport and head out for coffee, but when they arrive to the restaurant level, they see Sazail standing there with a squad of stormtroopers.



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