Reluctant Treasure Hunters

"Trust Me I'm a Doctor"

Sazail receives a message asking him to save an Imperial Moff named Montrose Nord that is dying in a hospital on the planet Adari. They get there to find the hospital is surrounded
by protesters that do not want anyone helping the Moff. They enter the hospital and are asked to leave their weapons. Sazail learns that Montrose needs a splanch transplant, but since he is hated across several star systems it’s going to be relatively hard to find one for him. They decide leave the planet to buy replacement splanch elswhere. They return to Adari and their speeder on the way back to the hospital they are attacked, but Showtime deals with the attackers by shooting the missiles out of the sky.

During surgery the hospital protesters turn into attackers. Crash and Showtime protect the ground level, while
Shara and Curtain Call protect the hallway outside the surgery room. They fight on, even when the power goes out. With the surgery complete they escape via the roof. The team then decides to head to Coruscant to find the lost droid.



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