Reluctant Treasure Hunters

'Art is Hard'

Sazail is standing in the Lobby waiting for the group with squads of Stormtroopers and some dangerous looking Imperial guards. He starts monologuing . .Telling them that he likes them, actually he doesn’t but he says that he does respect them. Unfortunately the Empire does not like loose ends, he apologizes, and tell the troopers not to underestimate the Space Hoarders. He then reveals a small handheld device and activates it. Suddenly several of the crew are literally shocked to find they are being stunned internally*. The four elite guards use this distraction to pounce, activating shock whips and heading straight for the crew. The space orders somehow are still too much for them though, even with a few reinforcements called it. After subduing most of the elite guards, Showtime is able to coerce the last of the Storm Troopers into letting them leave. They go to regroup and rest, before An’d gets a call from an old acquaintance.

An’d gets a call from her mysterious contact, a shady looking Twi’lek named Xira. He says that he has a very important job for her, that fits in perfectly within her skill set. There is a painting of Gorgonzola the Hutt that is going up for auction, she needs to buy and bring back to Nar Shadda. She will have access to his bosses funds, but it is imperative that they get the painting into his hands. They fly to Correllia and attend the auction, and the bidding¬†quickly escalates including large bids from an Imperial commander Named Jasgar Yeadd.¬†They get the painting in the end, but find out that Zorcha the Hutt is the one bankrolling them. (Yes that Zorcha)

As they leave the art auction to head back to their ship they are stopped by a group of ruffians that try to explain that there’s no way they’re going to be allowed to leave with this painting alive and they should just to do themselves a favor and let the thugs take it off their hands. The Hoarders decline their offer and then rush to the spaceship.

As soon as they get into orbit an Imperial Gozanti cruiser blocks their path, a group of pirate Freighters starts heading their way and an alliance Cruiser escorted by four x-wings also heads their way.

*They would learn later that Sazaill placed this device in the people he helped heal in the past. Leaving them to believe he isn’t the nice,upstanding citizen they thought he was. They have since gotten the devices removed.



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