Reluctant Treasure Hunters

The Great Deceit

The Space Hoarders wakes up to a new day, and a town full of Hunters preparing to go after their targets.

The group decides to get the hunters organized. While An’d is successful in convincing them to work as a team to assault Hondo’s base, the hunters also decide to not let anyone leave the planet until all three targets are found.
Later the crew follows behind as all the bounty hunters mount up in their various speeders and head over to storm Hondo’s compound.
The team of assorted bounty hunters breaks through the gates and our crew slides in after them to start searching for Elsy. With some fancy flying by Sal, and a bit of good luck, they track her down as she is trying to escape, and make their own escape from the fray.

After talking to Elsy they learn that she doesn’t want to defect, it’s just all bad timing. She says she will give them key they are looking for if they will give her her enough money to disappear . . . again. The hoarders agree, but now they have to figure out how to get off of Tattooine.
The spaceports are still blocked because of course none of the targets were actually at Hondo’s. Showtime heads to upload information on where the bounties really are, but before they do that they see that Storm Trooper X was already been caught at Hondo’s base. So they upload the the real info on the other two Targets and wait. after a good rest they learn the mutate is caught, and the Wookie fled, so everyone is free to leave the planet. The Hoarders go back to their ship and head off planet. While deciding what to do next a shadowy figure comes out of the cargo hold. As he steps into the light, they see he is wearing a Stormtrooper helmet with a red X painted on it.



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